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For 10 years, serious questions about China’s organ transplant system have haunted the West. Are prisoners of conscience - Falun Gong practitioners - being murdered for their retail organs in China’s hospitals?   What is the real scale of China’s organ harvesting apparatus? And how deeply implicated is the Chinese Communist Party of China? 
Post date: 2016-08-17
In 1999, under the direction of former CCP Chairman Jiang Zemin, the CCP-controlled state apparatuses, including the Party, the government, the military, the armed police, the justice and the health systems, launched a genocidal massacre of Falun Gong practitioners in an organized manner through organ harvesting for transplant surgeriesinChina. This is a crime committed by the state initiated by Jiang Zemin and carried out by the Chinese Communist Party. This is genocide and a crime against humanity.
Post date: 2016-08-09
Our investigation has made it clear that the CCP, through indoctrination and violence, has completely eradicated the baseline for human natureand done so systematically. Doctors bearing the sacred role of saving lives are turned into ruthless murderers. Under the CCP’s rule, men have lost their remaining shreds of morality and decency. Falun Gong practitioners have not been the only group of people that have fallen victim to the CCP’s perversity. In fact, the CCP is harmful to any society and to humanity as a whole. Anyone still under its influence has placed him or herself in peril. To fully investigate and expose the CCP’s crimes against humanity is for mankind to defend itself against this force of evil. 
Post date: 2016-08-04
Systematic, large-scale organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners held in Sujiatun Concentration Camp in Liaoning Province in China’s northeast was exposed through international media on March 9, 2006. Facing the allegations, the CCP kept silent for three weeks. The Foreign Ministry spokesperson then denied the existence of the camp. Meanwhile, “Interim Provisions to Manage Clinical Applications of Human Organ Transplant Technologies”[1]was introduced, and the CCP started screening qualified organ transplant hospitals from July 1, 2006. Starting May 1, 2007, unqualified hospitals could no longer carry out organ transplants.After the introduction of the Interim Provisions across the nation, many hospitals saw a dramatic increase in organ transplant operations. Hospitals nationwide suddenly had a large number of organs available, and medical staff had to work overtime to transplant organs. The national transplant rush lasted at least until May 1, 2007.
Post date: 2016-08-03
Tissue type matchingfor transplant operations of a major organ has a very low success ratio under normal conditions. Data from the International Society of Nephrology indicates that the chance of finding a matching donor who is not a family member of the patient is 6.5 percent. This meansthe probability of finding a matching donor is 1 out of 15.
Post date: 2016-08-03
Over the past 10years, the international community has been confused about China’s mysterious organ transplant system: 1. Is it true that Falun Gong practitioners have been killed as victims of live organ harvesting for organ transplants by the Chinese communist regime? 2. What is the real scale of live organ harvesting in China? 3. Did Jiang Zemin personally issue the order to conduct organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners?  4. Is it isolated acts by certain hospitals that are colluding with the military, police and judiciary systems, or is it a systematic crimecommitted by the state?
Post date: 2016-08-01
This report releases the list of 7, 423 medical personnel suspected of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in 788 Chinese civilian medical institutions.  
Post date: 2016-05-06
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