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16 years ago to this day, tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners from all over China gathered in Beijing to appeal for their freedom to believe. In fact, it is also an opportunity for the Chinese Communist dictatorship to reform. Yet, under the then Communist boss Jiang Zemin, the regime unilaterally chose to treat its citizens as enemy of the states and targeted them for brutal persecutions. Falun Gong practitioners started an unprecedented journey/undertaking to expose the evil nature of the Chinese Communist regime, to clarify the truth and offering an escape path for all Chinese from the grip of evil propaganda and oppression. With the publication of the “Nine Commentaries” and the movement to abolish the membership of all three Communist affiliations, there are now more than 200 millions Chinese citizens who have chosen to severe their ties with the Communist organizations. The Chinese Communist Party had inadvertently chosen to demise itself by persecuting Falun Gong.
Post date: 2015-04-24
In March 2015, China’s unofficial spokesperson on organ transplant, Huang Jiefu, gave multiple interviews in an attempt to promote China’s announcement of ending using prisoners’ organs. On the contrary, these interviews revealed more shocking evidence that China’s has been covering up its unethical organ procurement practice from prisoners of conscience.
Post date: 2015-04-07
As China’s highly unethical practices of organ procurement become increasingly scrutinized by international human rights groups and governments, the Chinese hospitals, either military or civilian, have been manipulatingthe organ transplant related data on their websites. Some hospitals altered the content, such as the number of transplants performed, of its website. Some hospitals simply removed an entire website pertaining transplant center operations.
Post date: 2015-04-07
On Dec. 3, 2014, at a Chinese Hospital Association Organ ProcurementOrganization (OPO) Alliance seminar held in Kunming city Yunnan province, China’s former Vice-Minister of Health, Huang Jiefu, announced that “starting Jan. 1, 2015 China will stop using the organs from executed prisoners .”This announcement attracted international attention.  Although there have been doubts about whether China’s so-called voluntary organ donation system, which was just started, is able to meet the demand of over 10,000 transplants every year, many in the international community still hope that this announcement will end the ethical nightmare caused by China’s illicit organ harvesting practice.  However, an analysis of publicly accessible materials in China concludes that the statement of “stop using organs from executed prisoners”is neither a State policy nor a legally binding legislation by the Chinese government.   
Post date: 2015-03-11
A phone investigation conducted by WOIPFG provides additional evidence on the Chinese military’s involvement in harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners. WOIPFG hereby releases the telephone recording of former Minister of National Defense, Liang Guanglie and a WOIPFG investigator.Liang Guanglie,the former Defense Minister and retired People's Liberation Army General, admitted that the Central Military Commission held meetings to discuss the issues about Falun Gong practitioners detained by the military and that the military hospitals were involved.
Post date: 2015-03-07
Since 2000, hospitals in mainland China, regardless of size, specialty, location and qualification, started to perform human organ extractions for transplantation. The timing highly coincides with the genocidal persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese regime.
Post date: 2014-12-24
Through examples of liver transplants performed by Huang Jiefu, medical papers authored by Huang Jiefu and public statements of Huang Jiefu, this investigative report provides evidence of Huang Jiefu’s alleged unethical medical conducts in China and attempts to deceive the public.
Post date: 2014-11-24
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