To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

Investigative Report on the Murder of Falun Gong Practitioner Gao Rongrong

August 29, 2012
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According to a report dated June 19, 2005, 37 year old female Falun Gong practitioner Gao Rongrong died in the emergency room at the No. 1 Hospital Affiliated with the China Medical University in Shenyang City on June 16, 2005 after suffering relentless tortures [1]. According to Minghui, Gao was the 54th Falun Gong practitioner persecuted to death in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

Before her death, Gao was detained at the Shenyang Longshan Labor Camp, where she was subjected to 7 hours of electric shock on the face. A photo of Gao’s disfigured face shocked the world.

Gao died after the regime again kidnapped and detained her, because her photo was made public and her sufferings were known to the world. Gao’s case highlights the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s actions to challenge people’s conscious and humanity.

The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) hereby releases the report on Gao’s death. In this report we will disclose the identity of the key persons who were involved in murdering Gao, and we hereby vow to bring them to justice.

In the following content, where a reference is not provided, the information is obtained through Gao’s personal account [2].

1. Persecution Prior to Disfiguration (July 2003 – April 2004)

On July 8, 2003, Gao Rongrong was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor by the Public Security Bureau of Heping District, Shenyang City. She was transferred to Longshan Labor Camp on the same day. Since her arrival at the Camp, she was subjected to physical tortures. She had pain in her liver and stomach, vomited, had difficulty eating and suffered from fever. Tang Yubao, deputy head of the No.2 brigade, slapped her face repeatedly until one of Gao’s ears was deaf. Yue Jun, head of the No.1 brigade ordered other inmates to cut off Gao’s hair in order to humiliate her.

On March 22, 2004, after Gao refused to attend a large scale meeting dedicated to slandering Falun Gong, Tang Yubao dragged her from a bunk bed and starting beating her. Tang then ordered 2 other team leaders to handcuff Gao to the heating pipe. Together, they beat her and shocked her hair, face, neck, hands and legs with electric batons for half an hour. Li Fengshi, the chief of the Labor Camp, walked over and said, “We are part of a tyrannical rule. Otherwise what are handcuffs and electric batons good for? I can’t believe that we won’t be able to rein you in, little Gao Rongrong.”
Two days later, Gao was transferred to the No.1 brigade where a team dedicated to brainwash Falun Gong practitioners locked her up and kept her from sleeping until 3 a.m. everyday. Gao suffered both mentally and physically.

In early April, a much slimmer Gao was transferred back to the No. 2 brigade. She had non-stop fever and cough. Later, the Camp guards took her for a physical examination in a small clinic in Zhujia Township. However, Gao and her family were denied the right to see the result of the exam. They were told by the Camp guards that everything was alright.

Main culprits responsible for the persecution of Gao Rongrong:

Xu Xiao [3], chief of State Security Brigade of Heping District Public Security Bureau in Shenyang city (The State Security Brigade approves the decision to send Falun Gong practitioners to labor camps.)

Institutions and individuals involved in the torture of Gao Rongrong:

Shenyang City Longshan Labor Camp
Tang Yubao, deputy head of the No.2 Brigade
Li Fengshi, head of the Labor Camp
Yue Jun, head of No.1 Brigade
Wang Jinghui, head of No.2 Brigade
Liang Zhen, deputy head of No.2 Brigade
Duan Haiying, commander of No.1 Brigade

Other witnesses or suspects:

Wang Xuetao, chief of the Management Department
Wang Jichang, a guard at the No.2 Brigade
Zeng Xiaoping, a guard at the No.2 Brigade
Yang Min, a guard at the No. 1 Brigade

2. Disfiguration due to Electric Shock (May 2004)

On May 7, 2004, Tang Yubao, Jiang Zhaohua and Wang Jichang (heads of the No. 2 Brigade) gathered Falun Gong practitioners who refused to participate in forced labor and write reflection reports to an office. The practitioners were Liu Jinzhi, Sun Yan, Jin Kegui, Liang Shujie, Wang Yu and Gao rongrong. They were handcuffed to radiator pipes and were beaten.

TangYubao and Jiang Zhaohua shocked Gao Rongrong’s face with electric batons from 3pm to 9pm that day. Gao’s face was severely burnt, swollen and full of blisters. Purulence and blood stuck on her hair. Her eyes were so swollen they could barely open. Her lips were swollen. Out of despair, Gao jumped out of the second floor window at around 9pm and suffered from several bone fractures. At 10pm, Gao was secretly sent to Shenyang City Army General Hospital by representatives from the Camp. She was in a critical condition, and her blood pressure measured at only 40. At 2am the next morning, she was transferred to Shenyang City Public Security Hospital. Her family was not informed of her critical situation until May 13. Under the family’s strong urge, Gao was transferred to the No.1 Hospital Affiliated with Shenyang Medical University. She was put in Room 0533, located on the second session of the Orthopedics Department on fifth floor.

Along with Gao, a total of 5 Falun Gong practitioners who were detained at the No.2 Brigade were shocked with electric batons and beaten. Jin Kegui, a practitioner over 50 years old suffered even more intensive shocks than Gao. After her face was severely burnt, she was beaten again and her face was seriously disfigured. But due to tight security control, their families and friends were unaware of the tortures they suffered.

Main culprits who disfigured Gao Rongrong by electric shock:

Tang Yubao, deputy head of the No.2 Brigade
Jiang Zhaohua, head of the No.2 Brigade

Other participants:

Wang Jichang, a commander of the No.2 Brigade
Ji Liang and Zeng Xiaoping, guards of the No.2 Brigade

Prison officials who were at the scene:

Yue Jun, chief of the No.1 Brigade
Fang Jinkai, head of the camp
Police guards from the Mangement Department
Zhang Xiaoqiu, chief of the camp’s medical team

3. Surveillance at the Hospital (May 2004 – October 2004)

Between May 18 and Oct. 5, 2004, Gao Rongrong was detained in room 0533 of the hospital under strict surveillance. The Longshan Labor Camp police denied her rights to make phone calls and receive mails. Anyone who intended to visit her had to obtain permits from the director of Shenyang Justice Bureau. All landlines at room 0533 are cut off. Articles brought to Gao by her family had to go through security check as well.

On Aug. 9, 2004, Gao started to urinate blood. Since that day she was unable to eat or drink. She was reduced to skin and bones. Her face was terribly disfigured. Her eye lids could not close. Doctors repeatedly issued notices of critical condition. But Longshan Labor camp and Shenyang Justice Bureau refused to release Gao, and stated that “The hospital should take care of her. Gao cannot be sent home even if she dies.”

Individuals who are suspected to have monitored Gao at the hospital:

Wang Xuetao, chief of the Management Department of Longshan Labor Camp
Bi Yinhong, staff of the Management Department
Liang Zhen, vice chief of the No.2 Brigade
Wang Chunmei, guard
Su Zhizhong, guard of the No. 3 Brigade

Individuals who were witnessed monitoring Gao at the hospital:

Liu Bo [4], deputy director of the Department of Forced Labor and Re-education of Shenyang Justice Bureau
Shi Yingjun, department head of the Department of Forced Labor and Re-education of Shenyang Justice Bureau
Li Fengshi, head of Longshan Labor Camp
Deng Yang, director of Longshan’s Department of Politics
Wang Xuetao, Li Shengyuan, Jiang Yubo, directors of Longshan’s Department of Managament
Wang Jinghui, Liu Guizhi, Teng Jiliang, squad leaders of No.2 Brigade
Duan Haiying, squad leader of No.1 Brigade
Zhao Yingjie, Wang Hongling, guards of No.1 Brigade
Ma Zaiming, guard of No.2 Brigade

Individuals suspected of threatening Gao, covering up information and persecuting the plaintiff:

Zhang Xiansheng [5], deputy director of Shenyang city’s Judicial Bureau
Li Rongchen [6], director of the Department of Forced Labor and Re-education of the Judicial Bureau
Jiang Xiaobing, chief of Judicial Bureau
Lu Jingchen, head of Shenyang’s Political and Legislative Affairs Committee
Wei Jun, head of Shenyang’s “6 10” office
Wang Hui Special Investigation Team, staff of Shenyang’s Political and Legislative Affairs Committee;
Liu Ge, chief of Shenhe District’s Procuratorate, Prosecution Section
Zhang Xiaoqiu, deputy director of the Medical Department at Longshan Labor Camp
Tian Ye, staff of Shenyang’s Health Bureau

An official from PLAC by the family name Li: On the afternoon of July 2, Liu Ge and Wang Hui were accompanied by a middle-aged man to Gao Rongrong’s room. His family name was Li. Li was from the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee. He took a piece of scab off Gao’s burnt face. Due to the fact that none of the officials of Shenyang City PLAC goes by the family name Li, this man might came from the Liaoning provincial PLAC. We know of two individuals from the Liaoning provicial PLAC who have the family name Li. They are director of the provincial PLAC, Li Feng and head of the provincial “610 office” Li Wei.

Responsible departments and supervisors:

The CCP Central “610 office”
Zhang Jiacheng Liaoning Department of Justice, Director and Party secretary:
Zhang Chaoying Liaoning Department of Forced Labor and Re-education, Director
Zhang Xingxiang Shenyang Party Committee secretary:
Wang Shuhai (chief of the local “610 office”) Shenyang PLAC, Director: Chang Ming; Deputy Director,
Dong Kaide Deputy Director of the city’s Comprehensive Management Committee:
Dong Kaide, Song Song Shenyang “610 office” [7], director: Wang Shuhai, Deputy Director:
Zheng Zhaoquan Shenyang Justice Bureau, Director,
Zhang Xinshengm chief of brainwash and re-education and deputy director
Li Rongchen head of Department of Forced Labor

4. Luo Gan is Directly Responsible for Gao Rongrong’s Capture and Murder (October 2004 – June 2005)

On Oct. 5, 2004, Gao Rongrong was successfully rescued from the hospital by several Falun Gong practitioners. Photos of her disfigured face were made public. The Ministry of Public Security named Gao’s escape “Major Case 26.” Luo Gan personally directed a series of meetings for Liaoning provinces and its cities, districts and towns to start an intensive search for Gao. Liaoning provincial PLAC, “610 Office”, the Procuratorate, judicial and public security departments joined force in the search.

In the meantime, the public security department of Shenyang and its surrounding municipalities, the Public Security Bureau of the city’s railways, civil aviation, oilfield systems received instructions to arrest Gao Rongrong from a copy of a document signed by the Shenyang City Justice Bureau. The document was titled “Order to Assist the Investigation. [8]” This document was also sent to neighborhood offices, community centers, communist branches of neighborhood, various information stations, real estate agents and domestic service companies. The document described Gao as “having obvious scars on the left cheek and unable to walk,” but posted a photo of Gao before she was injured. Indirectly, this official document confirmed the fact that Gao was injured at the labor camp. Shenyang Justice Bureau also arranged for the transportation system’s radio station to continuously broadcast an announcement stating that “a weak female was abducted, and that the Justice Bureau was assisting her family in the search.” The fabricated story was to have the taxi drivers unknowingly help capture Gao [9].

Later, the “610 office” of Shenyang city and Liaoning province as well as Shenyang Public Security and State Security Departments followed Luo Gan’s secret orders to dispatch plain-clothes police to station at the public transportation stations day and night. Various measures were used to track down local practitioners who helped Gao’s escape.

Sun Shiyou, one of the Falun Gong practitioners who arranged Gao’s escape, was kidnapped and electrically shocked in his private parts. The prison guards yelled “Unlike Gao Rongrong’s wound, your wounds would be completely hidden and impossible to be exposed to the public.” They also inserted a needle through Sun’s nail. Sun’s mother-in-law Ma Lianxiao, wife and sister-in-law were also sent to Zhangshi Labor Camp to undergo brainwash [10]. Feng Gang and several other Falun Gong practitioners were detained there as well. A source revealed that Feng, after 13 days of hunger strike, was transferred to a hospital at Masanjia Labor Camp. His condition is unknown. Feng’s wife Wang Juan was also arrested. Liu Qingming, who also helped in Gao’s escape, was arrested in February 2005 and was detained at Shenxin Labor Camp [11].

On March 6, 2005, Gao Rongrong was captured. She immediately started a hung strike after being taken to Masanjia Labor Camp. Liaoning Justice Bureau informed her family that the case was by then directly controlled by the central “610 office.” A chief by the family name Zhao told Gao’s parents that her fate was “up to the government.” When Gao’s parents demanded to take their daughter back on June 10, 2005, a new director of Masanjia Labor Camp by the family name of Wang said that the Camp “was not willing to accept Gao Rongrong but was pressured from the top.” He said it was “up to the top” to determine when the parents could visit Gao and when Gao could be released.

On June 12, Gao’s parents received a notice and hurried to the hospital. Gao was unconscious. Her organs were not functional, and she was wearing a breathing mask. A doctor of the Medical University Affiliated Hospital said that Gao was in critical condition by the time she was sent to the hospital. A guard said that Gao could still talk when she was sent there. A witness said that while Gao was treated in the emergency room, many individuals stood at all entrances of the hospital. On June 16, 2005, Gao passed away in the hospital’s emergency room. She was 37 years old. By June 20, 2005, Gao’s remains were still at Shenyang’s Funeral Home. Visitation was denied unless with a permit issued by Shenyang Public Security Bureau. Even Gao’s mother was not allowed to see her daughter’s body.

Individuals who contributed to the capture of Gao after her escape [12]:

Luo Gan, head of the Central PLAC
Liu Jing, head of the Central “610 office”
Zhou Yongkang, Minister of Public Security

Liaoning provincial government
Li Feng, head of Liaoning Political PLAC
Song Shanyun, head of Liaoning “610 office”
Bian Fuxue [13], deputy head of Liaoning “610 office”
Zhang Yuzhong [14], secretary of Liaoning “610 office”
Li Wenxi, director of Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau
Wang Zefang [15], captain of the Domestic Security Department of Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau
Bian Dongqing [16], Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau’s “610 office”
Zhang Jiacheng, director and Party chief of Liaoning Provincial Department of Justice
Zhang Chaoying, director of Forced Labor Bureau
Yu Xiaowei [17], department head of the Forced Labor Bureau Management Department
Liu Yaqin [18], Shenyang city government and deputy party secretary and head of disciplinary inspection committee (in charge of the Political and Legislative Affairs at the justice bureau [19])
Zheng Zhaoquan, director of Shenyang Justice Bureau
Zhan Xiansheng [20], deputy director of Shenyang Justice Bureau
Liu He, director of Shenyang Public Security Bureau
Shenyang Public Security Bureau State Security Brigade and "610 office"
Shenyang Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Division Shenyang National Security Bureau [21]

Others involved:

Zhang Chen Party chief at Shenyang Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
Wei Ershen [22], dean of Shenyang Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
Sun Jie [23], head of propaganda department
Tian [24], Security Department Director

(Published in Chinese on June 22, 2005; Translated to English on Aug. 29, 2012)



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