To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

Appendix II: Some Torture Death Cases in Jilin Province

August 16, 2004
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(Note: Some Torture Death Cases of Changchun City in separate appendix )

Wang Tiesong, 32 years old, was an employee at the Boiler Installation Company of the Baihe Forestry Bureau in Antu county, Jilin province. Wang was illegally sent to the Yenji Forced Labor Camp in October 2000, where he sufferred inhuman tortures and died as a result of his injuries on December 4, 2001. Authorities in Yanbian State department as well as in the public security department and labor camp were afraid of the truth of the persecution being exposed. They retroactively made up a false medical record and sent Wang to the hospital. In the hospital, they kept Wang on a respirator for another 11 days until December 15. According to an eyewitness from the hospital, Wang had already stopped breathing when he was taken to the hospital. However, the police forced him onto a respirator so that they could claim that he died after being resuscitated. Wang died miserably. His eyes were open, one sunken and the other had a dilated pupil. His ribcage was crushed and his whole body was covered with wounds. One of Wang’s relatives said, “Wang was murdered by you [the police].” However, the authorities said, “We can arrest you for saying that.” Under the pressure, Wang’s family had to hold back their tears and endure the pain, dared not to say another word.

Zhang Yulan, 48 years old, was a native of Erdaobaihe in Antu county, Jilin province. Zhang was illegally arrested in January 2002 for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. Her sufferred brutal tortures in the Baihe Forestry Bureau Detention Center. Six police officers surrounded her and kicked, beat, and swore at her for more than 5 hours. When they got tired of beating, they wrapped her long hair in their hands and smashed her head against the wall until she lost consciousness. Then they stepped on her waist and legs. When she woke up, she found herself in great pain and wanted to practice some exercises. Because of that, the police hung her up with handcuffs until the next morning. Zhang passed out several times during this ordeal. Later they secretly sent her to the Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp in Changchun and illegally sentenced her for one year. When she was sent back to the detention center 8 months later, she was barely hanging on to her life. The detention center told Zhang’s family to take her home. Zhang died on October 8, 2002.

Ding Yunde, 55 years old, was an employee at the Construction Section in Tonghua Bureau of Mines in Baishan city, Jilin province. On December 24, 2001, Ding was transferred from a forced labor camp in Baishan City to the 4th brigade at the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun city. Upon arrival, he was brutally beaten by the inmates. On April 6, 2002, the Communist party secretary of Changchun city issued an order to transform Falun Gong practitioners. It stated, “Do not consider the means, focus on the result, and achieve a 95% rate of transformation." Since then, many practitioners sufferred severe beating. The endless torture would not end until they renounced Falun Gong. Ding at the time had been suffering from scabies on his whole body for more than half a year. Yet he could not be spared from the torture and was forced to sit on a small stool for long period of time. In December 2002, he could barely eat and was in a critically condition. He died two days after he was released to his home.

ZHANG QUANFU (FATHER) AND ZHANG QIFA (SON) Zhang Quanfu, 65 years old, and Zhang Qifa, 38 years old, both were employees at the Sanchazi Forestry in Jiangyuan County Forestry Bureau in Baishan city, Jilin province. Zhang Quanfu began to practice Falun Gong in January 1999. Soon after, all of his illness including bone spurs and uremia disappeared. After the persecution of Falun Gong begun in July 1999, Zhang Quanfu and his son Zhang Qifa went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong twice and were illegally sent to the Baishan City Forced Labor Camp and Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun city subsequently. Phone number for the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp: 86-431-4835680. Zhang Quanfu suffered all sorts of totures in the labor camps. He became very thin, and his body was covered with scabies. There were pus and blood in his stool. On January 8, 2003, he was beaten to death by the police in the 2nd squadron of the 6th brigade in the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. On January 18, 2003, 10 days after his father’s death, Zhang Qifa was released from the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. He was on the brink of death, and his body was covered with wounds. His skin was dark and hard, covered with hard thorns and boils. He could not walk because of pain in his legs. He had difficulty breathing, defecating, and urinating. He died at noon on January 18, 2003. 张全福(父)和小孙子 张启发(子) The police from Sancha Police Station in Jiangyuan county, Baishan city confirmed Zhang Quanfu and Zhang Qifa’s death. Phone number for the Sancha Police Station: 86-439-3736663.

Case 5:
Ms. Zhi Guixiang
Zhi Guixiang, 31 years old, was a native of the Town of Daling, Gongzhuling city, Jilin Province. On July 19, 2002, the police illegally arrested Zhi on the street and sent her to Zhengyang Police Station of Luyuan Police Branch in Changchun City. A fellow practitioner saw her at the police station on July 20. She could barely talk. Her entire body was covered with wounds that were rubbed with salt. She told her fellow practitioner that she felt her internal organs were damaged from beating. While in detention, she went on a hunger strike without water to protest the persecution. The police sent her to Sheling Hospital to receive force-feeding every day. She refused to cooperate so the police put cuffs on her feet on the second day. On the third day, she was shaking while being forced to sit on a torturous board. On the fourth day, the head of her cell ordered inmates to cover her mouth with a towel and hold her to sit on the board. Later, after they took her to a small cell and removed the towel, they found the towel was covered with blood. Despite her condition, they put her on a torture tool where they cuffed her hands and feet so that she could only bend her body. In this position, she could only sit with her head down. She had to be fed and carried to the toilet. On July 25, 2002, Zhi’s condition became critical. She died on July 27. Zhu Zhishan and the other police officers at the Luyuan Police Branch are responsible for Zhi’s death. However, Zhu openly lied that Zhi died in the hospital as a result of her hunger strike. Zhi’s family later went to the hospital but could not find Zhi’s medical record. On July 31, without informing Zhi’s family, the police secretly cremated Zhi’s body at the Shuangfeng Crematory. Zhu Zhishan’s name was listed on the cremation document as “power of attorney”.

Case 6:
Ms. Wang Xiuyun
Wang Xiuyun, 47 year old, a native of Huadian city, Jilin province, died in Heizuizi Prison in Changchun city, Jilin province. After Jiang Zemin’s regime launched the persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, Wang Xiuyun went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on numerous occasions. After being arrested and unlawfully detained a number of times, she was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. On June 3, 2002, Wang Xiuyun and seven other practitioners were kidnapped and incarcerated at the Political Security Division of the Huadian City Police Department. Headed by Wang Guangxue, the party secretary of the Huadian City Police Department, the police beat the 8 practitioners savagely. Hoping to extract a confession from the practitioners, they put the practitioners through various tortures. The practitioners were hung up, shocked with electric batons, forced to sit on iron chairs, had plastic bags pulled over their heads and then smoke blown into the bags, etc. The police later sent all the practitioners to the Huadian City Detention Center. Wang went on a hunger strike in order to protest the torture. Wang’s health was damaged from chronic torture, and she developed pulmonary edema with a pleural effusion. For three months, she could not lie down to sleep because of breathing difficulty. The police from the Huadian City Police Department finally sent her to the hospital when she was near death. Yet they extorted 10,000 yuan from Wang’s family for the cost. Wang’s family went bankcrupt after being extorted a total of 30,000 yuan. Her husband was forced to divorce her. On October 9, 2002, without notifying their families, the Huadian City Court put the practitioners on a secret trial. On November 5, 2002, the court held a second trial and sentenced Wang Xiuyun to 12 years. Despite that Wang Xiuyun and other practitioners were in the process of appealing to a higher court, the police sent her to the Heizuizi Prison in the wee hours of December 12. Ten days later, at about 9 pm on December 22, Wang Xiuyun passed away.

Case 7:
Ms. Cui Zhengshu
Cui Zhengshu, 36 years old, was a resident of Zhihe Street, Chuanying District, Jilin city, Jilin province. Cui was unlawfully arrested in March 2002 by the Jilin city "610 Office" and the Chuanying district police station. She was then illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor and was sent to No. 4 Division in the Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp in Changchun city. The guards at the labor camp brutally tortured her because she persisted in practicing Falun Gong. One time they allowed her only 22 hours of sleep in 33 days. After she went into a critical condition, the guards were afraid that she might die in the labor camp and sent her home on April 18, 2003 on medical parole. On August 12, 2003, Cui Zhengshu died from tortures she suffered in the labor camp. She was survived by an infant son.

Case 8:
Ms. Deng Shiying
Deng Shiying, 42 years old, was a resident in Longtan district in Jilin city, Jilin province. In February 2000, she was arrested when sharing her experience at a fellow Falun Gong practitioner's home and was sentenced to one year to Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City. The guards of the No. 2 brigade Zhang Lilan, Liu Lianying, Lang Cuiping, Ma Tianshu, Yu Bo and Ren Feng used all sorts of excruciating tortures to persecute her. They shocked her with electric batons countless times, tied her on a "dead person's bed", beat her with rubber tubes, and violently force-fed her. She was not allowed to sleep at night, and forced to do the heaviest labor during the daytime. They tried to forcefully brainwash her and illegally extended her sentence to another year. On September 15, 2002, the police arrested her for distributing Falun Gong materials and detained her in the Yongji County Detention Center. On October 17, 2002, she was illegally arrested by the Yongji County Public Security Bureau. On February 18, 2003, the Yongji County People's Court in Jilin Province sentenced her to 7 years in prison. In the beginning of March 2003, she was sent to the Women’s Prison of Jilin province where she suffered various tortures resulting in continuous vomiting, extreme pain and frequent unconsciousness. On July 18, 2003, she went into a coma and was on the brink of death. At 9:30 p.m., her family members took her to the No. 2 Hospital of the Jilin Tiedong Chemical Company. The doctors told her family that her vital organs had suffered severe injuries and failure, the gallbladder was destroyed, and the cerebellum had withered and calcified. Deng died at 1:00 p.m. on the next day.

Fu Chunsheng, 51 years old, an employee of the Hydro-Engineering Machinery Plant in Jilin city, was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. On December 12, 1999, he was abducted and detained in the Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp in Jilin city. Later, he was transferred to the Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp in Jiutai. He was eventually released on September 12, 2001. On December 28, 2001, three police officers, including Zhang Yuanren, from the Dachangtun Police Station in Fengman district, Jilin city, broke into Fu’s house, arrested him, and confiscated his home. Later they sent him to the 3rd Detention Center in Jilin on December 29, 2001. On January 3, 2002, the police informed his family that Fu had died of a “sudden heart attack” at 11:50 p.m. on January 1, 2002. However, his family confirmed that Fu never had any heart problem and had been very healthy since he started to practice Falun Gong. During his detention, he had received several physical exams that found his blood pressure and heart all normal. On January 5, his family members saw his body which they couldn’t bear seeing. His ears and torso were black and blue; his head turned to the side; arms turn outside as if they had been tied up. His head and face were distorted, with blood came from his mouth. There were wounds on his abdomen and extravasated blood on his body. His eyes were open.

Guo Yaling, 44 years old, was a resident of Xinyuan Street, Kouqian village, Yongji county, Jilin city. On September 9, 1999, Yaling and a number of her fellow Falun Gong practitioners went to the Tiananmen Square and to openly say "Falun Dafa is good.” She was illegally detained for more than 50 days at a detention center where she was mentally and physically tortured. In February of 2002, Yaling went to the Jilin City Committee to appeal and was illegally detained at the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp in Changchun for more than 300 days. On November 26, 2002, the police illegally arrested Yaling for distributing Falun Gong materials and sentenced her to the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp for 2 years. In the camp, she was subjected to savage tortures including electric baton shocks and excessive heavy labor for 15 to 16 hours per day. She had to sleep on the ice-cold bare planks of her bed, which were damp and gloomy. All she was given to eat was moldy and deteriorating corn noodles with salt water as soup. All she could see around her were iron barred windows, high walls and electrified wire fencing. The sounds of handcuffs and shackles echoed the cells. Guo Yaling became very weak in this kind of condition. On May 5, 2003, her family was informed by the police that Guo Yaling had died. Her body was cremated in Changchun.

Li Zaiji, 48 years old, was a resident at Chengxiang Building 10, Qingdao Street, Jilin city, Jilin province. He was sentenced to one year of forced labor for appealing for Falun Gong in October of 1999. On July 7, 2000, the police from Jilin City Police Department informed Li’s family to visit him in the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital, Li’s mother found Li had died. One of his eyes was still open, and his body covered with wounds. There were bandages left in his eye. Li’s body was cremated at 9 a.m. on July 14 under the tight surveillance by more than 200 police officers.

CASE 12:
Liu Mingke, from Jilin city, Jilin province, died on June 15, 2002 as a result of the persecution.

CASE 13:
Lu Shuqiu, around 46 years old, was a resident at Yan’an Strett, Changyi district, Jilin city, Jilin province. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in October 2000 and February 2002. She died at the Jilin City Police Department’s Beijing Office. In October 2000, Lu went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was arrested. On November 24, 2000, she was illegally sent to the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp in Changchun city, Jilin province, where she was tortured for 8 months. She was forced to do heavy labor from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day with only one 5-minute break for using the washroom. In late February 2001, Lu was transferred to the sixth team, the so-called "model team", an "honor" awarded by the Re-education Labor Department of the Justice Bureau. There, Lu suffered vicious tortures at the hands of Guard Zhang Tao and was on the verge of a mental breakdown. In April 2001, the Re-education Labor Department sent an inspection team to the camp. One of the visitors asked Lu, "Is Falun Dafa good? Did someone deceive you into going to Beijing to make trouble?" Lu answered, "I became healthy after I practiced Falun Gong. I benefited from it. Nobody deceived me, and it was my own decision to go to Beijing." After the inspection team left, the camp intensified the torture of Lu. They shocked her with several electric batons simultaneously, causing damage to Lu's heart. Lu started a hunger strike in the beginning of May. The police handcuffed Lu to an iron bed and force-fed her three times a day. Although the doctors instructed to feed her with milk, a female guard named Sun Mingyan used salty soup and corn soup instead. The force-feeding was actually a very cruel form of punishment. Lu's health was completely destroyed. She sustained heart damage from the electrical shocks and stomach injuries from the force-feeding and finally developed fatal vaginal bleeding. At the end of July 2001, seeing that Lu was in a critical condition, the camp notified her family to take her home. In February 2002, Lu went to Beijing to appeal. Several days later, Lu’s family received a notice from the police, which asked them to bring 2,000 yuan to Beijing to pick Lu up. Yet the next day, the police informed the family that Lu had died at the Jilin City Police Department’s Beijing Office.

Wang Lixin, 32 years old, from Jilin City, Jilin Province, was arrested by the police in November 2000 because he made 100 copies of Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials. In the No. 5 prison cell of Jilin City’s No. 3 Detention Center, in order to protest the persecution, Wang refused to eat. After the 2nd day of hunger strike, he was sent to No.6 cell where Feng Naiwu, the head of the cell, led the inmates to torture him. Feng claimed that guard Yang has given the order to beat Wang. They used inhumane means to force-feed Wang. Wang’s mouth was full of blood. He was suffocated and lost consciousness. Feng deprived Wang of sleep. Inmate Zhang Qun made sure that Wang stay awake by punching and kicking his ribs and feet and making him a target of boxing practice. On the fifth day of the hunger strike, guards Yang and Zhang took Wang with hand and foot cuffs into the office and force-fed him with 250 grams of highly concentrated salt water. Wang could not sleep for several nights as a result of this torture. On the afternoon of the seventh day of the hunger strike, Wang became very weak and delirious. Inmates including Feng Naiwu and Zhang Qun took turns beating Wang. Then guards Yang and Zhang ordered the inmates to bring Wang into the office. The screams of pain from Wang could be heard. After more than half an hour, they sent Wang back to No.6 prison cell. Wang had both his hands tied behind his back, and there was a white towel tied across his mouth. He could only make muffled sounds .On the eighth day of the hunger strike, Wang was sent to the hospital. He died two days later. Both the AFP and the Asian Free Radio reported Wang’s case on February 7, 2001. [AFP: Seven More Falun Gong Followers Die in Chinese Custody]

CASE 15:
Wang Xiufen, 36 years old, lived in Zuojia Town, Yongji City, Jilin Province. On the morning of December 21, 2001, She was illegally arrested by the police when she went to Tumenling Town in Jiutai City to distribute Falun Gong materials together with another Dafa practitioner. At about 9 a.m. on January 1, 2002, the Jiutai City Police Department informed Wang’s family that she was arrested and illegally confiscated her home in the same afternoon. At around 5 p.m., the police department called Wang's family to bring Wang for medical treatment. Her family members went to the police department and requested to see her, but were informed that she was at the hospital. When the family arrived at the Jiutai City People's Hospital, they saw that Wang Xiufang was near death. About ten minutes later, she died. At the time she had no clothes on her lower body. Her left ankle was swollen, part of her right leg was blue in color and the skin from her back to her buttocks and ribs was a purplish, dark blood color. She also had a wound above her eyes. According to an insider, her mouth and eyes were bloody, but had been wiped clean. The family members decided to wait for the autopsy. The Jiutai City Police Department became extremely nervous and sent two carloads of police. Soon the family members came to understand that Wang had been tortured to death, so they videotaped her body as evidence at the autopsy. When Jiutai City Police Department learned about the videotaping, they threatened the family, force them to turn in the tape and confiscated the video camera. Then the police blocked all information and threatened Wang Xiufang's family, causing them to constantly be in a panicked and fear-struck state.

CASE 16:
Xiao Jinsong from Jilin City, Jilin Province, was illegally sent to a Shuangxiling Forced Labor Camp in Jilin City in October 2000 for appealing in Beijing. On March 27, 2001, they transferred him to Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp in Jiutai. Because he refused to give up his belief of Falun Gong and went on a hunger strike to protest the mistreatment, he was subjected to brutal torture by guards in the camp until he was on the edge of death. When Xiao Jinsong's wife came to the hospital, he was in a coma, both eyes were sunk in, he was very skinny, and his stomach and his groins were terribly swollen. Xiao was hospitalized for ten days without any sign of improvement. His family spent almost ten thousand Yuan and had to take him home on January 18, 2002. Xiao died on February 24, 2002. Before he passed away, Xiao Jinsong told his sister that many guards hit and shocked him with electric batons simultaneously. And he felt that blows of the batons rained down on his body rapidly and heavily.

Yu Lixin, 36 years old, was a cadre at Jilin City Workers' Union [a government department] in Jilin Province. She started to practice Falun Gong in 1997, and soon her 9 kinds of illness all disappeared. After the persecution started on July 20, 1999, Yu went to Beijing to appeal in order to let the government know about the physical and the mental benefits that she received from practicing Falun Gong. She was arrested, escorted back by police from Jilin City's Police Department, and illegally sentenced to five years in Jilin Province Female Prison. She protested and appealed, but no lawyer dared to speak for Falun Gong. She had no choice but to go on a hunger strike without water to protest. The police cruelly tied her onto a bed and tortured her for four months. She was released in October 2001 because she was on the verge of death. After she returned home, the local police often went to her home to harass her, so Ms. Yu was forced to leave home to escape further persecution. On March 5, 2002, the police arrested her in her rented home. Police personnel at Jilin City Zhihe Police Station exhausted all kinds of brutal tortures on her, such as the "Big Hang Up" and "Tiger Bench". [Practitioners are forced to sit on a small iron bench that is approximately 20 cm (6 inches) tall. Practitioners' knees are tightly tied on the small bench - "Tiger Bench." He has to sit straight up with his eyes looking straight ahead. His hands are tied on the back or sometimes placed on his knees. Usually some hard objects are inserted underneath the practitioner's lower legs or ankles to make it harder for them to tolerate this abuse.] Yu was near death several times from the tortures. On March 8, 2002, Yu was again sent to Jilin Province Female Prison, where she began another hunger strike without water. Later, she was sent into Jilin Province Police Hospital. Despite that her blood pressure was undetectable upon arrival to the hospital, they still injected her with neurotoxic drugs. On April 5, Yu was in a coma and developed convulsion. Yu passed away on May 5, 2002. On the day Ms. Yu passed away, the official(s) at Changchun City's Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp still refused to let Liu Hongwei, Yu's husband who was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor for practicing Dafa, to see her for the last time. She left behind her 70-year-old mother-in-law and 8-year-old daughter.

CASE 18:
Zhao Jin, 19 years old, lived at Yushu Village in Baishan Xiang, Fengman District, Jilin City, Jilin Province. On November 22, 2000, with other 44 practitioners, Zhao took a bus from Changchun to Beijing in order to appeal for Falun Gong. On November 23, 2000 when the bus reached the Inspection Station at Yutian County in Hebei Province, it was intercepted by a black sedan [police car]. The police ordered the bus driver to follow their car to Yutian County Police Station. While the bus was moving, Zhao Jing jumped out of the window on the right side of the bus. The police stopped the bus and said that Zhao Jing was fine. At the 3rd night, the police came to say that the girl was died from jumping out of the bus window and asked five practitioners to stay behind as witnesses. The police cremated Zhao’s body without waiting for her family. However, according to an eye witness, Zhao Jing was beaten to death by the police. Another witness said that Zhao called a taxi to Beijing after jumping out of the bus. The police caught the taxi and brought her back to the detention center where other practitioners heard mixed sounds of the police dogs and a girl’s cry.

CASE 19:
Yang Guijun, 47 years old, from Liaoyuan City in Jilin Province, had been on the police’s wanted list for practicing Falun Gong. On March 12, 2002, Liaoyuan City Communist Party Secretary Zhao Zhenqi led more than 40 police including the head of Liaoyuan City Police Department surround a Falun Gong material production site and arrested 15 practitioners including Yang Guijun and sister Yang Guiqin. Liaoyuan City Secondary People’s Court illegally sentenced all 15 practitioners with heavy sentences, 13 and 14 years for Guijun and Guiqin prespectively in Jilin Province Female Prison. Guiqin was tortured to death in the prison after being there for two months. Seven Months later, Guijun was also tortured to death in the prison. Investigations showed that Guijun and Guiqin received cruel tortures after they were kidnapped to the city police department including "Tiger Bench", shocking, hanging with handcuffs, needling, burning on the feet with cigarette butts. The needling torture is to use very thin needle to piece the practitioners’ finger and toe tips and neck. The needle left no marks or trace of blood on the skin but the piecing is extremely painful that very hard for people to endure.

CASE 20:
Sun Shiwen, from the Town of Chengzijie in Jiutai City, Jilin Province, was tortured to death in Jiutai Forced Labor Camp. His wife gives the following account on March 15, 2001: My name is Li Jianying. My husband Sun Shiwen was illegally sent to Jiutai Forced Labor Camp on December 14, 2000 and tortured to death on January 8, 2001. The authorities of the camp told us that he was died of heart attack. When my family saw his body, there was a dent on the back of his head and a bump on the left side of his head. He sustained injuries on the front of his head. There was blood in his nostrils and on his hands which had not been wiped clean. When my family requested to have an autopsy, they said that we have to pay for it. Since I was also locked in a labor camp for practicing Falun Gong at that time and we had three kids, we did not have money for the autopsy. We were unable to obtain any evidence.

CASE 21:
Zhou Wenjie, in her 40s, was an English teacher at Dongfeng County's No. 2 Middle School in Liaoyuan City. According to insiders from the police system, Zhou Wenjie was tortured to death by police officers in Changchun City on May 26, 2002. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, Zhou went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. In October 1999, she was unlawfully sentenced to one-year of forced labor and was kept in the Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp in Jilin Province. In the labor camp she remained firm in her belief and resisted the brainwashing. Her sentence was extended for one more year. She was released in September 2001. On May 20, 2002, police from the Changchun Railway Police Station kidnapped Zhou for telling the truth about Falun Gong. She protested her arrest with a hunger strike and was tortured to death on May 26, 2002. The police did not notify Zhou’s family of her death until a few days later. They found traces of rope marks on her body, including the neck, the armpits, and the arms. Director Wu from the 1st Section of the Changchun Railway Police Station handled Zhou’s case. They lied that she had a heart attack during her hunger strike and died en route to the hospital. At least they admitted that they were responsible for Zhou’s death.

CASE 22:
Sun Youfa, born on December 12, 1977, was a resident at No. 2 Group in Kangping Donjiao in the Town of Lishu, Lishu County in Jilin Province. The police arrested Sun on the afternoon of December 31, 2000 when he unfurled a banner at Tiananmen Square and sent him to the Beijing Fengtai Detention Center in the evening. On January 1, 2001, the police beat him during interrogation and put hand and foot cuffs on him when sending him back to the cell. Sun could not lie down or stand but to sit curling up. He went on a hunger strike to protest. From January 2 to 3, the police forcefully fed him several times. They grabbed his nose, hit him on his chest, and force-fed him with milk mixed with salt. Sun suffered from choke, and his breathing difficulty worsened. On the afternoon of January 6, they had to send him to the hospital. After examining Sun, a doctor told the detention that Sun was in a critical condition. Later in the evening, the police sent Sun to the train station in a hurry. The staff there refused to take him due to his poor condition, so the police had to bring him back. Later, the police sent him to the train station again and left him there. Sun died on January 13. Sun, a healthy, vigorous young man was tortured to death. According to the person who took a picture of Sun’s body, it was covered with wounds. There was blood in his mouth, and his eyes were open.

CASE 23:
Liu Yucai, 60 years old, a private doctor at the Baimayi Village in Panshi City, Jilin Province, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on October 1, 2000. He was beaten to death at the Beijing Chaoyang District Detention Center. On October 5, the police told his family that he had died of a heart attack. However, there were wounds on his chest and his neck. His body was cremated the next day. AP reported his case on October 30, 2000, “Three Falun Gong Practitioners Died in Police Custody.” (

CASE 24:
Chen Yongzhe, 34 years old, died on May 14, 2002 after being tortured in the Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp in Jilin Province. In March 2001, the police transferred Chen with other eight practitioners from the Shulan City Detention Center to the Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp. As soon as they got there, the torture began. The guard ordered to strip the bed with only the wooden board left. This 160 cm-wide board had to squeeze in 5 practitioners. They had to sit on it with their legs crossed, right after breakfast until 9 pm except for two breaks for lunch and dinner. On April 27, 2001 the police escalated the torture. Captain Xu Xuequan and guards Wang, Cui and Pan beat practitioners in their office. They played music to cover up practitioners’ painful moans. They called in Chen Yongzhe during the evening and severely tortured him. The next morning, Yongzhe's face was totally distorted. Some areas had turned black and blue and the skin had peeled off. His chin and mouth were swollen. He was not able to wash his face. He said that he was beaten for two and a half hours. Several days later, Chen asked the guards to stop the abuse. In response, they tied his four limbs to the four corners of an icy-cold metal bed. Five guards used electric batons to shock him for three hours. There were burns on his body and face, and his neck was covered with blisters. On June 12, 2001, the guards took Chen for a physical examination. He was diagnosed with serious pulmonary tuberculosis. Soon afterwards, camp officials released him in order to avoid responsibility. He died at home on May 14, 2002.

CASE 25:
Chu Congrui, 19 years old, was a resident at Xujia Village, Shulan, Jilin Province. On December 1, 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was arrested. She died in Beijing’s Haidian Prison around December 13, 2000. The police claimed that Chu died of hunger strike without water. However, the doctor who performed the autopsy rejected such claim because blood was found in Chu’s nose and mouth. Her nose was broken and her face distorted. Yet the police lied and said that she had a heart attack and wanted to extort money from her family. Her body was cremated on December 18, 2000. Unable to bear the loss of her child, Chu’s mother had a mental breakdown. FAP reported her case on January 11, 2001 from Beijing. (

CASE 26:
Kong Fanrong, 56 years old, of Shulan City, Jilin Province, was beaten to death at the Shulan Detention Center on May 11, 2003. Kong had a happy family. She and her husband ran a successful ice cream store. After July 1999, she went to Beijing twice to tell the government about the benefit that she had received from practicing Falun Gong. She was illegally detained for 30 days by the Shulan government. On January 28, 2000, her husband was illegally sent to a labor camp for practicing Falun Gong. On July 8, 2001, Kong attended a Falun Gong Experience Sharing. The local government put her on the wanted list with a reward of 100,000 Yuan. She had to leave home to avoid the arrest and could no longer care for her eighty-nine-year-old mother. On January 4, 2003, Liu Qiang, head of the Anqing Road Police Station at Jingcheng District Police Branch in Changchun, along with other police officers including Shi Yongliang and Huang Huicheng, broke into Kong’s rental home in Huayao, Changchun and arrested her. In the police station, they interrogated Kong with tortures including shocking with electric baton, beating, and the tiger bench, causing her head to breed. When the police attempted to take a photo, she refused to open her eyes to cooperate. One police pressed his fingers into her eyes and said, "If you don't open your eyes, I'm going to dig your eyeballs out." Then they took her off the tiger bench and beat her until she passed out. Later they sent her to Changchun’s Daguang Detention Center. Soon she was transferred to the Shuangyang Detention Center. Several days later, she was sent to the Shulan City Detention Center where she suffered inhumane torture and would die in three months. The head of the detention center Zhao Qunchang was directly responsible for her death. On May 9, 2003, representatives from the Shulan City Court went to the hospital where Kong was staying and planned to unlawfully sentence her right there. Despite that Kong was too weak to talk and was in a critical condition at that time, they ordered the doctor to issue a document stating that “the patient is conscious but not able to talk. Will resume court proceeding after treatment.” When Kong’s family demanded her release, the court told them that they would not release her even if she’s dead. On May 11, 2003, Kong died in the hospital. Her body was black and blue. The Shulan government tightly blocked information and did not allow the family to take any picture. They tried to forcibly cremate Kong’s body and even attempted to kidnap her husband.

CASE 27:
Tong Zhentian, 26 years old, was a resident of Nancheng Street, Shulan City, Jilin Province. On January 1, 2000, Tong went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was abducted to the Shulan City Detention Center. The police striped him, poured more than a hundred buckets of cold water on him, and brutally beat him. They illegally sentenced him to one year in the Jilin City Forced Labor Camp where he was tortured for refusing to renounce Falun Gong. At 2 a.m. on April 21, 2001, when Tong went into a critical condition, the camp sent him home to avoid responsibility. The camp police continued to harass Tong at home, forcing him to renounce Falun Gong. Tong died on July 4, 2001.

CASE 28:
Wang Guoping, 40 years old, from Shulan Cit, Jilin Province, was arrested in Beijing for appealing for Falun Gong. The police tortured him with various means including beating, pouring cold water on his naked body, and pressing his head into toilet. On October 17, 1999, he fell from the eighth floor of Jilin Provincial Office in Beijing and died.

CASE 29:
Sun Shizhong of Songyuan City, Jilin Province was tortured to death on April 19, 2002 in the Yinmahe Labor Camp in Jiutai County, Jilin Province. Around noon on April 19, 2002, police officer Lu Changtai forced 12 practitioners including Sun to renounce Falun Gong. He sent inmates to get the electric batons, forced practitioners to take off their clothes and shock them. Then he let the inmates to take three practitioners, Sun Shizhong, Shi Renji, and Zhang Guangchao to a torture room and take turns beating the practitioners. They tied Sun to a bed, whipped him with wooden strips, hit him with their elbows, kick him with boots, and bent him legs to his head. Later, they took Sun to the washroom to beat him up. Around 5 pm, one of the inmates said: "He is probably dead." The other one said: "He is faking." The next morning they discovered that Sun had died. The police sentenced four inmates including Zhang Zuohai who directly participated in the beating. However, Gao Ke, the police officer who was truly responsible for Sun’s death was still at large.

CASE 30:
Han Yuzhu, 47 years old, of Yushu City, Jilin Province, was detained at Changchun City’s Weizigou and Fenjin Forced Labor Camp from January 19, 2000 to January 8, 2001. In the morning of February 9, 2001, the head of Weizigou Forced Labor Camp Zhang Benquan led the police to forcefully feed Han Yuzhu and another practitioner Liang Zhenxing. They used iron holders to keep the practitioners’ mouth open and force-fed them with highly condensed salt water. At dinner time, Han felt sick and ask to see a doctor. The guards refused until around 7 p.m. A camp doctor said that he had salt poisoning which did not require resuscitation. They waited until mid night when he was in critical condition before sending him to the hospital. He died before arriving at the hospital. Yet the police told his family that they used sugar water to feed him and Han himself was responsible for his own death.

CASE 31:
Li Shuhua, 32 years old, was a resident of Peiying Street, Yushu City, Jilin Province. Around 9 a.m. on September 24, 2003, police officers including Li Mingchao and Jiang Wei from the Peiying Street Police Station abducted her at home. Thirteen days later, Li was beaten to death. Her body was very thin. Half of the body was black and blue and half of her head was dented. During the autopsy, more than 5 kilograms of bloody effusion were found in her abdominal cavity. The police banned the family from taking any picture and watched her body until the cremation. Other two members of Li’s family were also illegally detained for practicing Falun Gong. Her husband Yang Zhanjiu has been illegally held at a detention center by the police from the Yushu City Police Department since August 2002. Li’s mother, Cui Zhanyun, was sentenced to one year and six months to Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City. Li was survived by an elderly father and two young kids. According to Falun Dafa Information Center’s investigation, a male staff at the Politics and Security Office at the Yushu City Police Department was very nervous when he received a phone call from an investigator. He couldn’t utter a complete sentence and finally hanged up the phone after saying “I could not answer your question over the phone.” Telephone number at the Yushu City Police Department: 86-431-363-0348.

CASE 32:
Yue Kai, 29 year old from Yushu City, Jilin Province, was tortured to death in the Weizigou and Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camps on February 18, 2002. On February 10, 2000, he and his wife, Li Shuying, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. The police illegally arrested them and sentenced Yue and his wife to one year at Changchun City’s Weizigou Forced Labor camp and Heizuizi Forced Labor camp respectively. In May 2000, the No.1 Team where Yue Kai was held, along with the No.4 Team, were forced to clean the public swimming beach at Kalun Lake, in Changchun, where they worked from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day. Several places on the legs of Yu Kai and other fellow practitioners got severely lacerated during the cleaning, yet they were never allowed to take a break, even when their infected wounds were discharging pus. They would be cursed or beaten if they slowed down their work even a little. They had to do other cleaning jobs such as taking out the garbage, etc., before and after their long work shifts. The job at the lake lasted two weeks, during which, Yue Kai's legs had become full of scars. His hands and arms had turned a dark purple and infected wounds swelled in between the many scabs. Regardless of his serious medical condition, his workload was never reduced. His next work detail was to make a cement floor slab, for which he had to get up as early as 3:00 a.m., and work as late as 9:00 p.m. He endured the extreme torture of this forced labor. In July 2000, Yue Kai was taken to the No.2 Team in Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. The police tortured the practitioners with sleep deprivation, beating and cursing. One day, Yue developed short of breath and chest pain after being kicked by inmate Zhao Yong and since became emaciated. By May 2001, Yue Kai had been illegally held in the camp for fifteen months, but the labor camp would still not release him until he was in critical condition. On February 18, 2002, Yue Kai passed away at home.

CASE 33:
Yu Qiushi, 64 years old, was illegally arrested when distributing Falun Gong truth clarifying materials in Zhenlai County in Jilin Province on December 21, 2001. In the detention center, she went on a hunger strike without water to protest the persecution. The police tortured her with force-feeding until she developed bloody stools and became very weak. On January 1, 2002, the eleventh day of her hunger strike, the police sent her to the county hospital where she was injected with an unknown drug that caused constant distension of her abdomen and leg swelling. Her family was not allowed to take her home until she was on the verge of death. She died at home 70 days later on March 16, 2002.