To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

Investigative Report on Jia Qinglin

Committee to Investigate the Crimes of China’s "610 Office" in the Persecution of Falun Gong
August 21, 2004, revised on October 26, 2005
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Beijing is one of China’s municipalities that have the worst records in the persecution of Falun Gong. By October 25, 2005, 75 practitioners have been verified as being tortured to death in Beijing, which has the highest death tolls among the municipalities.[i] Among them, 49 practitioners died or the cause of their death happened before November 2002, when Jia Qinglin was in charge. Since some of the practitioners persecuted to death in Beijing were from other provinces or cities, and their deaths were reported in their original cities, the actual verified death toll in Beijing is much higher than this number. As the secretary of Chinese Communist Party Beijing Committee from 1997 to November 2002, Jia Qinglin is responsible for the torture, torture to death, and other crimes against Falun Gong practitioners in Beijing during his term.


  Jia Qinglin [ii], Former Secretary of Beijing’s municipal CCP committee (1997 - November 2002). Member of the Politburo, Secretary of Beijing’s municipal CCP committee, Mayor of Beijing (1997-1999); Member of the Politburo, Secretary of Beijing’s municipal CCP committee (1999 – November 2002); Elected member of the standing committee of the Politburo (November 2002); Elected Chairman of the Tenth Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference at its first session in March 2003.

Jia Qinglin has long been considered Jiang Zemin’s trusted follower. He survived the notorious “Yuanhua Case” thanks to Jiang’s vigorous protection. On the political front, Jia treads on the heels of Jiang’s policy of cracking down on Falun Gong.  On July 20, 1999, Jiang’s regime launched the crackdown of Falun Gong.  Jia immediately voiced his support [iii], convening an enlarged conference of the standing committee of the municipal CCP and required that the CCP organizations and members at all levels have a clear-cut stand and resolutely throw themselves into this political battle against Falun Gong [iv]. Jia repeatedly stressed the battle against Falun Gong during the sessions of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference[v] and the People’s Congress[vi] and attacked Falun Gong at every opportunity.  Jia took the lead in meeting with the National Anti-Falun Gong touring delegation to boost the morale [vii].  He attended the conferences that commended the advanced units and individuals in fighting against Falun Gong and gave speeches to encourage those who were directly involved in the persecution [viii].  Jia also provided specific guidelines to the investigation and research of the Falun Gong issue in Beijing [ix]. In addition, Jia attacked Falun Gong at various meetings such as the Working Conference on Beijing’s Political-legal Issues [x], Working Conference on Religions [xi], Beijing’s CCP Representatives Conference [xii], Beijing celebration of the CCP 80 birthday meeting[xiii], and other occasions such as when he conveyed the greetings to the working forces from the public security and business society [xiv]. At the mobilizing conference for the Sixteenth National Congress, Jia made the persecution of Falun Gong one of Beijing’s top five priorities [xv].  Jia also actively participated in the persecution of female Falun Gong practitioners[xvi]. At the opening ceremony of the First Session of the Tenth Chinese People’s Political Consultation Conference (CPPCC) – the first meeting Jia presided over after he was elected Chairman of the CPPCC, Li Guixian gave a speech that contained anti-Falun Gong sections, breaking CPPCC’s tradition under Li Ruihuan’s leadership [xvii].



[i] Death Case Distribution by Province

[ii] China Internet Information Center Biography of Jia Qinglin.

[iii] People’s Daily, (pg. 1, July 24, 1999) Reported on July 23 in Beijing, based on consolidated reports from People’s Daily reporters: After the publishing of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee’s decree regarding the banning of Party members from practicing “Falun Dafa”…

 Beijing: Clearly and unequivocally participate into this most serious struggle


 Beijing City Municipal Party Committee organized and deployed every task that carried out the Party Central’s decree. Politburo member, Beijing City Municipal CCP Committee Secretary Jia Qinglin emphasized that every level of the Party’s organization and its party members must demonstrate their clear cut attitude and determination to participate this political struggle, carefully organize and plan, pay attention to both details and overall coordination, ensure the political stability of the Capital city.

 Jia Qinglin said, each and every party member must demonstrate his or her clear cut attitude towards “Falun Gong, ” obey and adhere to the constitution and the law as model citizens, proactively support the Party doctrine, observe and obey the Party guiding principles, and fulfill the Party membership obligations. Party Committee Secretary at every level must be the No 1 responsible individual, must personally intervene, be responsible to the concerted study and education effort at individual district, department and unit levels; and be totally responsible for the ideological transformation and parting-severance (from Falun Gong) of Party members, cadres, and citizens at large who are “Falun Gong” practitioners.

[iv] Beijing Evening News, July 23, 1999. Beijing City Municipal CCP Committee called a Standing Committee Member Plenary Meeting. At this meeting, the members proclaimed that they would resolutely fulfill and carry out the Party Central Committee’s spirit, adhere to its vital policies, safeguard the social and political stability of the Capital city. The Municipal Party Committee Secretary Jia Qinglin presided the meeting. In his speech, he emphasized that each and every party member and party establishment at every level must be promptly mobilized, resolutely carry out the important policies established by the Party Central Committee. The Party members must demonstrate a clear cut and resolute attitude with firm stands, proactively join this struggle, meticulously coordinate their effort, take into consideration of all factors in their unified planning, and safeguard the social and political stability of the Capital city. Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor Liu Qi, Deputy Party Secretaries Zhang Fusen, Li Zhijian and Yu Junbo attended the meeting. Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Jianmin, Beijing Municipal Political Consultative Conference Chairman Chen Guangwen also participated the meeting.

 Jia Qinglin raised 4 demands to all Party members and Municipal Party organizations at every level: First of all was that everyone must show their true colors along the Party line, determination, and unwavering stands. During this struggle and education study, each and every Party member must unequivocally disclose their attitude on “Falun Gong,” act as a exemplary model in obeying the constitution and law, be in resolute agreement of the Party doctrine, adhere to the Party policy, fulfill Party member obligations, never believe nor participate “Falun Gong” and fight hard against “Falun Gong.” Those Party members who had practiced “Falun Gong” must go through more education and studies to recognize the political peril and ideological absurdity of “Falun Gong.” They must draw a clear line to consciously separate themselves from “Falun Gong” organizations in every aspect: political, ideological, organizational, and personal conduct. They must consciously return to the correct stand of the Party. Second of all, Party members must pay close attention, strengthen Party leadership, and establish responsibility. Party Secretary will be the first line administrator who will personally participate, intervene, be totally responsible for the consolidated Party education of individual district, department and unit, and be totally responsible for the ideological transformation of Party members, cadres, and people at large who practiced “Falun Gong.” Third of all was to intensify the propaganda education and media direction effort. Fourth of all was to strengthen the Party build up during the struggle.

[v] People’s Net, February 7, 2001, “Making extra efforts for a good beginning”, Jia Qinglin’s speech at the closing ceremony of the Fourth Session of the Ninth Beijing Municipal Political Consultative Conference on February 6, 2001. He said, the struggle against the Falun Gong cult organization is a serious political struggle.  I hope the Municipal Political Consultative Committee and all political parties and groups take better advantage of their own functions and impact, unite people from all ethnic groups of the city and deeply motivate the struggle against Falun Gong, disclose its reactionary nature that is anti-human, anti-society and anti-science, educate and rescue the deceived Falun Gong practitioners, and make new contributions to the maintenance of the political stability of the capital.

[vi] Xinhua News Agency, March 9, 2001. During the 4th Plenary Session of the 9th National People’s Congress in 2001, Jia Qinglin, when participating in the discussions of representatives from Beijing, stressed that they should continue the struggle against the Falun Gong cult, deeply disclose and criticize its anti-human, anti-society and anti-science cult nature, and its reactionary appearance after reduced to the tools of domestic and foreign hostile forces who are against the socialism regime of our country, and should harshly attack the very small number of criminals in accordance with the law, and should persistently unite with, educate and rescue the overwhelming majority of masses who have been deceived.

[vii] Beijing Daily, March 1, 2001. (reporter Zhou Xian) Yesterday afternoon, during the meeting with the Group Reporting Outstanding Achievement In The Struggle Against Falun Gong Evil Cult Organizations, Outstanding Group and Individuals who received commendation from the 7 Ministries and Departments of CCP Central Committee and State Council, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Jia Qinglin emphasized, “Follow the examples from those groups and individuals who received commendations, actively join the struggle against “Falun Gong” evil cult, work hard to form an fine atmosphere of cultures that advocate science and refuse the erosion of evil cult. Wage the struggle against “Falun Gong” evil cult to the very end.”

 Beijing Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Liu Qi, Deputy Secretary and Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Director Yu Junbo, Deputy Secretary Long Xinmin, Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee Member, Judicial and Political Secretary Qiang Wei were also there during the meeting.

 During his speech, Jia Qinglin extended his warmest welcome to the Group Reporting Outstanding Achievement In The Struggle Against Falun Gong Evil Cult Organizations on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, he congratulated the 6 Outstanding Groups and 11 Outstanding Individuals who received commendation from 7 Central Party Departments and Government Ministries. He also extended his hearty gratitude to comrades who were at the forefront in organizing the struggle against “Falun Gong” evil cult in Beijing.

 Jia Qinglin pointed out, ever since the struggle against “Falun Gong” evil cult organization was launched, under the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee, every district and establishments in the country had achieved overwhelming success in their effort to seriously and earnest carry out the policy and guidelines decreed by the Party Central Committee on the handling of “Falun Gong” issues; expose and criticize the anti-society, anti-human, anti-science nature of the “Falun Gong” evil cult; unite, educate and revive “Falun Gong” practitioners to the best effort, and attack the few “Falun Gong” core members criminal activities based on the law. During this struggle emerged a large number of outstanding groups and individuals. They were determined in their stand, clear cut in their conduct, loyal to their responsibility, unselfish and undaunted, willing to give their best. They demonstrated a very high level of political awareness and lofty professionalism. They seriously implemented and executed Party Central Committee’s policy and guidelines on the treatment of “Falun Gong” issues, fully unleashed the advantage of Party ideological and political indoctrination, carefully and meticulously carried out the educational and transformational undertaking, created many good experiences and techniques, they exemplarily practiced the essence of the “Three Representatives” on the job, made significant contributions to safeguard the social stability and the smooth advance and growth of socialism modernization. They were highly praised by people at large and earned the approval of the Party Central Committee.

 Jia Qinglin stressed that every district, county, establishment, unit, as well as the Party members at large, cadres and people should follow those outstanding groups and individuals that was commended (by the Party Central) to enthusiastically throw themselves into the struggle against “Falun Gong” evil cult. They must advocate science, combat evil cult, promote healthy atmosphere, eradicate evil, working hard to foster a good environment that advocates science and refuses the erosion of evil cult. Uproot the social foundation and environment that foster the survival of “Falun Gong”, carry the struggle against the “Falun Gong” to the end.

[viii] BBC Monitoring (source: Xinhua news agency domestic service, Beijing, in Chinese 0847 gmt 30 Nov 01, ) December 3, 2001. Jia Qinglin, Political Bureau member of the CCP Central Committee and secretary of the Beijing municipal party committee, attended and spoke at the meeting. He said: Under the correct leadership of the party Central Committee and the State Council, we have scored major victories in the struggle against Falun Gong. In the past more than two years, party committees and governments at all levels in the municipality have accumulated experiences and demonstrated outstanding features in the struggle against Falun Gong.

 Jia Qinglin said: That we have been able to continuously achieved significant, periodic results in the struggle against Falun Gong is the outcome of the correct leadership of the party Central Committee, with Comrade Jiang Zemin as the core; and it is also the outcome of the indomitable spirit of party organizations at all levels, grass-roots cadres at large, and the masses of people throughout the municipality. Commended at the meeting today are advanced collectives and individuals, who have come forth and made outstanding contributions in the solemn political struggle against the cult. With concrete action of fighting the cult, these collectives and individuals have set a good example in practicing the important thinking of the "three representations" at their own posts, thereby contributing to safeguarding social and political stability in the capital and ensuring the smooth progress of the socialist modernization drive.

 Jia Qinglin emphasized: Our struggle with Falun Gong is a serious political struggle, which is protracted, complex, and acute. Party committees and governments at all levels, as well as leading cadres, should proceed from the height of the future destiny of the party and the country in further increasing awareness, strengthening leadership, and enhancing political acumen and responsibility. Party committees and governments, as well as leading cadres, should overcome inertia and laxness, increase confidence, redouble efforts, and take a firm and effective grip of this important matter having a vital bearing on the overall situation. We should take the opportunity of the commendation meeting to press on and score further victories. We should maintain vigorous fighting spirits and continue to deepen the struggle against the cult through "crackdown, control, transformation, and exposure," thereby consolidating and expanding the victories, depriving the cult of a breathing spell, and pushing the struggle to develop in a direction more favourable to us.

[ix] Window of the Capital, On April 26, 2000. Speech by Jia Qinglin at the Beijing City Investigation and Research Work Conference (April 26 2000).  …Based on the current situation in the society, our country is in the critical stage of overcome significant obstacle and development in the reform, there are significant and complex social transformations, economic distribution within the society, organizing structure and people’s material interest, employment composition are far more multi-faceted. Many conflicts arise from the reform and construction are interwoven together, the cultural and ideology inside and outside China are impacting each other. All these raised serious challenges to our ideology indoctrination effort, and we are seriously lacking research precisely in this area. There is already some problems emerged. For example, our struggle against “Falun Gong” had been more than one year. This is a serious political struggle, and is also a difficult, complex and drawn out struggle. There had been up and downs recently in the situation, and yesterday more than 300 people went to appeal in public. How to deal with evil cult organizations such as “Falun Gong”, how to consolidate our experience with considerations of the overall stability, what kind of effective safeguarding, controlling procedures will require us to search and to provide answers.

[x] Beijing Daily, December 22, 2000. Beijing Applying for the Olympic. Excerpt from Beijing Daily. During the most recently held City wide Political and Judiciary Working Conference, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Jia Qinglin emphasized, ... he said, during the past year, the entire city’s Political and Judiciary battlefront closely worked with the overall situation, fully exploit their capability and resolutely attacked the enemy forces subversive activities both inside and outside China, engage the struggle against Falun Gong evil cult organization into a deeper level.  ….

[xi] Beijing Daily, December 30, 2001: (by reporters Sun Yushan and Du Jing). Beijing Working Conference on Religion was held from December 28 to 29 at the Beijing Conference Center. Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Jia Qinglin emphasized at the meeting to resolutely fulfill and implement the sprit of the National Religion Conference and the important speech by Central Secretary of CCP Jiang Zemin, reinforce the ongoing task effort for Capital city’s religion.

 In order to thoroughly fulfill the spirit established by the National Working Conference on Religion, further improve and strengthen under new perspective, Jia Qinglin raised new demands to people working on the Capital religion issues: …tighten the management of religious issues and tasks based on the law. Correctly and completely carry out the policy on the religious freedom. However, one must point out that evil cult is not religion, but evil cult often would carry the religious banner to deceive people, endanger the society. For example, “Falun Gong” is an evil cult and not a religion. We must protect those religions that are legal and lawful. On the other hand, we must strike hard at the evil cult that harms the society and people, and eradicate them. We must actively guide the religion to harmonize with the socialist society, not asking the religious organizations and believers to abandon their faith, but request them to show patriotism for the country, support the socialist system and the leadership of the Communist, obey the law and government policies; we request their religious activities to obey and serve the high interest of the nation and the Chinese people. We request them to work hard to produce new explanations for their religious doctrine, to work hard to produce proactive factors within their religion, and make more contributions to the development of the society and unity of all ethnic groups.

[xii] Window of the Capital, June 12, 2002, Report by Jia Qinglin at the Ninth CCP Congress of Beijing. … (We) persevere in following through the policy of “Strike hard,” strengthen the consolidated management of the security of the society, severely strike those serious crime offenders and economic-financial crimes, stop the bad social phenomenon of “illicit drug, gambling, and pornography”, maintain the stability of social orders. We have secured decisive victory in the struggle against “Falun Gong” evil cult organization.  … Maintain a high degree of vigilance, tightly guard against and resolutely smash all the subversive and undermining activities by enemy factions both inside and outside China, strike all violent terrorist and ethnic division activities. Relentlessly carry on the struggle against “Falun Gong” evil cult organizations, absolutely eradicate, defend against and strike every class of evil cult organizations.

[xiii] Beijing Organic Work Communication, Jia Qinglin’s speech on the Beijing Celebration of CCP 80 Birthday Meeting (July 2001) During the struggle against “Falun Gong” evil cult, the Party members must takes the lead to persist the Marxism materialism and the atheism, to do well on the education and transformation of Falun Gong members, continue to consolidate the struggle achievement.

[xiv] Beijing Daily, October 1, 2002 (reporter Zhou Xian) reported that yesterday afternoon, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Jia Qinglin, Mayor Liu Qi, Deputy Secretary Qiang Wei, etc, cordially visited the Beijing Public Security officers, as well as cadres and workers working on battlefront of various commercial establishments, sending them warmly holiday greetings on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and entire people in Beijing.

 Jia Qinglin stated, during the past years, under the Party Committee and government’s leadership, every Public Security branches earnestly implemented the vital ideology of the “Three Representatives,” resolutely carried out Party Central’s policy and decisions, followed the requests of the Municipal Party Committee, further deployed the “Strike Hard” to a deeper level, strengthened consolidated social public safety management, closely guarded against enemy forces both within and outside the country, especially various infiltration and damaging activities by the “Falun Gong” evil cult organization. They successfully completed the security details for a long list of activities, made significant contributions to the public safety, safeguard of Capital’s reform, and to the smooth modernization development and construction effort. Jia Qinglin pointed out, ….All police and armed police officers must further unify their ideological thinking, raise their understanding, treat the safeguarding of the Capital safety and stability as their number one political mission with a sense of high degree of political and historical duty; pay attention to all details, depth and concrete steps, push the “Strike Hard” campaign to an even deeper level, intensify the deep strike and educational transformation effort against “Falun Gong” evil cult organization….

[xv] Beijing Daily, September 7, 2002: Jia Qinglin spoke the mobilization conference to safeguard Beijing’s social stability for the upcoming 16th National Congress. Beijing to create a good social environment for the convention of the 16th CPC National Congress – made persecuting Falun Gong one of the five focus tasks of Beijing.  “Second is both insist on ‘dig deep and attack’, and insist on ‘detect, search and educate’, resolutely shatter the sabotaging scheme of the Falun Gong cult.

[xvi] “Annual Report on the Work of Beijing’s Women’s Federation in 2002.”  In additional, the Women’s Federation organized a few women’s organizations to conduct “Investigation and Analysis on Female Falun Gong Practitioners.”  Jia and other “610 Office” officials in Beijing made important comments on the report.

[xvii] report on March 3, 2003 based on the Xinhua Net’s report.  At the opening ceremony of the First Session of the Tenth Chinese People’s Political Consultation Conference (CPPCC) – the first meeting Jia presided over after he was elected Chairman of the CPPCC, Li Guixian gave a speech that contained anti-Falun Gong sections, breaking CPPCC’s tradition under Li Ruihuan’s leadership.