To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

Investigation Report on the Persecutions of Falun Gong by Wang Yunkun

The Secretary of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee of Jilin Province
May 1, 2005
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The persecution of Falun Gong in Jilin Province is one of the most severe and brutal among all provinces in China. The total number of verified and confirmed death of Falun Gong practitioners in Jilin Province due to the persecution had reached 231 up until the completion of this report on May 1, 2005, ranked #4 in China.  The CCP Jilin Provincial Committee has been directly in charge of the persecution. During this period Wang Yunkun was the Party Provincial Committee Secretary, and must bear the key responsibility for the persecutions in the entire province.

  Wang Yunkun:[1] CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Secretary.  Wang Yunkun enthusiastically declared his stand supporting the persecution on People’s Daily on July 23, 1999,[2] and vilified Falun Gong in his article.[3] As the CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Secretary, Wang Yunkun was in charge and a key organizer who must be accountable for the persecution.[4]  He personally partook in brainwashing and transformation of Falun Gong practitioners,[5] and directly played a key role in the “Many-Besiege-One” brainwashing tactics in the persecution.[6]  On November 14, 2001 he stressed on the “Transformation” of Falun Gong practitioners while conducting research and investigation in Baishan City, Jilin Province.[7]  On December 6 and 7, 2001, while chairing the 4th “Study Forum 2001” of the CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Ideology and Doctrine Study Central Group, Wang Yunkun again emphasized the “Transformation” of Falun Gong practitioners.[8]  Based on the investigation, refusing to be “Transformed” was the major cause contributing to the death of Falun Gong practitioners.[9] Wang Yunkun attacked Falun Gong in his speech representing the CCP Jilin Provincial Committee during the Committee’s 7th Congress, 5th Plenary Meeting on December 20, 2000,[10] and at the 8th CCP Jilin Party Representative Congress on May 20, 2002.[11]  On June 6 and 7, 2002 Wang Yunkun stressed to wage the battle against “Falun Gong” while conducting investigation and research in Jilin City.[12]  He delivered keynote speech at the Province Work Meeting on Dealing with Falun Gong Issues.  At that meeting his office planned a year long mission under the name of “Total War on Education and Transformation” to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.[13]  From August 25 to 27, 2002, Wang Yunkun again stressed to strike harshly on “Falun Gong” while conducting investigation and research at Baicheng City.[14]  On December 29 2001, Wang Yunkun praised those who participated in the persecution of “Falun Gong” and declared “major victory” in the battle against Falun Gong at the Jilin Provincial Political and Judicial Work Conference in Changchun City.[15] In 2002, Wang Yunkun ordered “Severe Crack Down” on Falun Gong and Falun Gong practitioners when he inspected the Jilin Provincial Bureau of Public Security.[16]  Under the direct leadership of Wang Yunkun, Jilin Bureau of Public Security increased its effort on the persecution of Falun Gong,[17] resulted in large number of Falun Gong practitioners either killed or maimed.  Just for the single case of “305 Changchun Cable TV Interception with Falun Gong truth clarification documentary,” we verified more than 8 Falun Gong practitioners were murdered as the direct result of the persecution.[18]  On July 29 2004, Wang Yunkun again emphasized to prevent and to take precaution against Falun Gong.[19]



[1] information database.  Autobiography of Wang Yunkun.  He was appointed as the 7th CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Secretary on September 1998.  In February 1999 he was appointed as the Director of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Provincial People’s Congress.  In May 2002 he was appointed as the 8th CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Secretary. On January 2003 he was again appointed as the Director of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Provincial People’s Congress.

[2]  People’s Daily July 24 1999, Page 1. “Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shandong, Jilin government cadres and citizens at large firmly support and endorse the CCP Central Committee’s policy, profoundly recognize the harm of ‘Falun Gong’, thoroughly eliminate its influence with an unequivocally, unwavering stand”. CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Secretary Wang Yunkun spoke to the reporter of this newspaper: “We must unify our ideology based on the decision of the Party Central Committee, firmly and steadily carry this battle of the solemn ideology struggle to the end. We must integrate the local situation of Jilin Province, using the fallacies and absurdities of Li Hongzhi as villainous teaching material, using the philosophy of dialectical materialism, atheism as our weapons, expose the deception and harm of ‘Falun Dafa’ with large amount of facts, thoroughly purge its baneful and abominable influence.”

[3]  Xinchangzheng (New Long March) Issues 1-7, August 1999. “Firmly unify our ideology with Party Central Committee”. (Wang Yunkun) If we depart from the theme of the economic development, depart from the specific characteristics of reform and opening up, single mindedly focusing on the improvement of democracy, legal system and spiritual, moral civilization, then we wouldn’t do a good job. Especially when faced with ‘Falun Gong’ type issues that interfere with the reform and development effort, we must purge them with highly alerted and correct working process. If we ignore them and allow them to develop, harm the national reform and development situation, then we are not adhering to the theme of economic development, let alone explicitly follow the “Four Cardinal Principles.”

[4]  People’s Daily Page 4, August 3, 1999. “The measures of banning of illegal organizations have been highly beneficial, achieving marked effect. Intensify the effort to do a good job of ideology transformation all over the country.”  Zhang Yulai, a correspondent from the “People’s Daily” reported on August 2: 96% of Falun Gong practitioners, 95.5% of CCP members who practiced Falun Gong in Jilin Province had withdrawn from the Falun Gong organization, declaring to break completely with this illegal organization.  “Falun Gong” had completely collapsed and disintegrated in this province. (Jilin Province) After the decision from the Party Central Committee had been transmitted to lower levels, the CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Secretary Wang Yunkun held meetings on many occasions to plan, and to be debriefed in order to identify the objectives and tasks for the next step.  He personally supervised, pushed, and to bring them into effect.

[5]  Legal Daily April 6, 2001, “The End of Battle is nowhere near” Author: Liang Guodong  “CCP Provincial Committee Secretary Wang Yunkun carried out the ideology and indoctrination task by personally went to Jilin University and worked with a professor there, followed up with letters exchanging ideas and thoughts, making this professor awaken to the situation, deeply and seriously self-criticized his mistakes, and proactively wrote articles bearing his name as the author, exposed and criticized Li Hongzhi and his “Falun Gong” fallacies and absurdities.

[6]  China News Service January 16, 2000, “… with ever intensified battle, from “One-On-One” and later expanded to “Many-Besiege-One”, the bundle-guarantee responsibility also intensified, as well.  Leadership at various levels took on the political responsibilities, assumed the tasks of bundle-guarantee, carried out face-to-face education and transformation job. CCP Provincial Committee Secretary Wang Yunkun, Provincial Governor Hong Hu, Deputy Secretary Chen Yujie and other leaders performed countless transformation effort on key Falun Gong assistants.  Deputy Secretary Su Rong personally visited ex “Falun Gong” Jilin Station Chief Jiao Lixun…”

[7]  Jilin Provincial People’s Government Trend on Government Affairs: “CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Secretary Wang Yunkun investigated and researched at Baishan City” …Wang Yunkun emphasized, …For the social and public order, crime and legal cases that people concern, Public Security and other law enforcement organizations must investigate and research carefully and seriously, providing legal consultation, solving major conflict and maintain social stability. Continue implementing transformation and education on “Falun Gong” practitioners….

[8]  China Info reprint from Jilin Daily December 10, 2001 “Joining WTO is a catalyst and opportunity to push and advance various Jilin Provincial tasks” December 6 to 7, CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Secretary Wang Yunkun held and chaired the 4th “Study Forum 2001” of the CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Ideology and Doctrine Study Central Group, … The Central Group pointed out that in the foreseeable future, continuous management of the leadership election must be done well, pay close attention to the current world wide religious issues, perform well “Transformation” effort of Falun Gong practitioners.

[9]  World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, “The Destruction of Mind and Body Through Brainwashing”.

[10]  Jilin Economic Information Network. Speech by Wang Yunkun on December 20, 2000, at the 5th Plenary Session of the 7th Provincial Committee of CCP, “Bolster Confidence, Go Forward, Enter the 21st Century With New Gestures”. “…Insist on using scientific theory to arm carders and mass, intensify the education on materialism of Karl Marx and on atheism, advocate scientific spirit, oppose feudal superstition, eliminate the influence of Falun Gong and other cult organizations.”,

[11] Special Report On The Eighth Congress of Party Representatives of Jilin Province. Wang Yunkun spoke at the congress on behalf of the Seventh Provincial Committee of CCP. Wang Yunkun stressed, “devote major efforts to advocate scientific spirit, publicize scientific knowledge, help people consciously resist feudal superstition and the sophistries of Falun Gong and other cult organizations.”

[12] Special Report On The Eighth Congress of Party Representatives of Jilin Province.  Wang Yunkun stressed when conducting investigation and research in Jilin City, “Thoroughly implement the spirit of the party congress to embrace the 16th Congress of CPC Representatives.”  “Maintain a high degree of political vigilance.  Take strict precautions against and attack by law the damaging activities by hostile forces domestic and abroad.  Combat Falun Gong cult organization at deep levels.  Strengthen the comprehensive control of public order.  Harshly attack various criminal activities.”

[13]  Jilin Daily September 24, 2003,  “From June 2002 to June this year, our province has waged a full-scale year-long war to educate and transform Falun Gong people.” “On June 10, 2002, the Provincial Party Committee held a province-wide meeting on the handling of the Falun Gong issue.  Secretary of CCP Provincial Committee Wang Yunkun made an important speech.  Wang Guofa, the then head of the Leadership Team to Handle Falun Gong Problem of Jilin Province CCP Committee, made the overall deployment.”

[14]  Xinhua News Agency Jilin Channel August 29, 2002, “From August 25 to 27, Secretary of CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Wang Yunkun stressed when conducting investigation and research in Baicheng city, .... Wang Yunkun pointed out, ‘shall harshly attack illegal and criminal activities and the damaging activities by Falun Gong elements.  Shall do a good job controlling public order to let the people feel more secure.’”

[15]  Jilin TV December 31, 2001, “Provincial Political and Judiciary Work Conference Ends in Changchun.” “Wang Yunkun, on behalf of the Party provincial committee and government, expressed sympathy, solicitude and congratulations to those advanced groups and individuals who were commended. He pointed out that, this year is a very successful year for the political and law work in our province. …(We) have effectively taken precautions against and attacked the penetration and damaging activities of domestic and foreign hostile forces, of nationality division forces and of religious extremists.  (We) have had major victory over the Falun Gong cult organization.

[16]  China Police Report ( “Public Security Organizations Should Create the Soft Environment for Economic Development."  “Recently, Secretary of CCP Jilin Provincial Committee Wang Yunkun came to Provincial Public Security Bureau to inspect work. While making sufficient positive comments on last year’s (2001) achievement of the public security organizations throughout the province, Wang Yunkun also made specific suggestions on this year’s public security work. “…Wang Yunkun also pointed out, should harshly attack Falun Gong cult organization, attack and isolate those core elements and die-hard elements, educate and save people who have been deceived….”

[17]  China Police Report ( “Carry Forward the Reform of Police Work, Reinforce Self Construction”.  “On January 8, (2003), a province-wide meeting of directors of public security bureaus was held at the command center of the provincial Public Security Bureau. Party Secretary and director of the provincial Public Security Bureau Chen Zhanxu did a summarized report at the meeting.  Nie Wenquan, member of the CCP provincial standing committee and secretary of the provincial Political and Law Committee participated in the meeting and made an important speech. Chen Zhanxu first reviewed the 2002 public security work across the province. ‘Last year, …altogether smashed 14 underground Falun Gong groups, confiscated more than 2.5 million Falun Gong propaganda items, promptly cracked the 305 case which had national influence. …We fulfilled the task raised by the Party Provincial Secretary Wang Yunkun when he inspected provincial Public Security Bureau, that is, public security work should change from the pattern of passive coping toward that of active attacking, should change from the pattern of pure managing to that of active servicing, should change from the pattern of independent combating toward that of united society actions, so as to promote the long-term development and progress of public security work.

[18]  World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong  “The Investigation Report of Liu Chengjun’s Death by Persecution” (The Falun Gong practitioners confirmed to have been persecuted to death in this case are: Liu Chengjun, Liu Haibo, Hou Mingkai, Li Rong, Liu Yi, Shen Jianli, Li Shuqin and a practitioner whose name is unknown).

[19]  Liaoyuan Government Website  July 30, 2004.  “The trend of Liaoyuan’s economic development is great.  Society is stable.  Has entered a period of rapid development.” “…Wang Yunkun pointed out, should do a down-to-earth and excellent job to maintain social stability.  Liaoyuan’s stability work is well taken care of. Party committees and government at all levels must reinforce the comprehensive control of social order.  ‘People oriented’ is to let people live and work in peace and contentment.  Need to be on high vigilance and take precautions against the penetration and damage from hostile forces. Take precautions against the damage by western anti-China forces, Taiwan independence forces, and Falun Gong cult, etc….