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March 6th, 2020

Name: Bingyi Shi

Gender: male

Country of residence: China

Date of birth: May 1951

Place of birth: Jinzhou, Liaoning Province

Shi Bingyi is the director of the Organ Transplant Center, as well as the the director of Transplantation Surgery at the PLA 309 Hospital[i]. He is also the person in charge of the data center at the Chinese Scientific Registry of Kidney Transplantation’s (CSRKT) Management Committee, which was established by China’s Ministry of Health[ii], and a deputy chief commissioner of the PLA’s Organ Transplantation Professional Committee[iii].  

The Organ Transplant Center of the PLA 309 Hospital was established in April 2002. By that time, the hospital had already completed 2,130 cases of kidney transplants and nearly 600 cases of liver transplants. The center once completed 12 kidney transplant surgeries in one night.

In October 2005, the PLA 309 Hospital was named by the Health Sector of the PLA General Logistics Department as an “All PLA Organ Transplant Center”. In 2011, it was again renamed as the “All PLA Organ Transplant Institute”. The data center of CSKRT established in August 2008 was also located in the PLA 309 Hospital, with Shi Bingyi being the person in charge[iv].

In recent years, the Organ Transplant Center has served as a key revenue generator of the hospital. Its gross revenue increased from 30 million yuan in 2006 to 230 million yuan in 2010, an increase of nearly 8 times within 5 years. All sectors of the center ranked among the best in the hospital in terms of treatment capacity and quality.

In 2010, the center officially reported that “there were 316 beds,” and that “the center was also leading among military hospitals of the same category in terms of annual accommodation capacity and turnover rate of hospital beds.” [v] In 2012, state-run media Xinhua reported that the center “owns 393 beds.” [vi]  

According to overseas media reports, Shi Bingyi claimed that the center had performed nearly 10,000 kidney transplant surgeries and nearly 4,000 liver transplant surgeries in the year 2005. In 2006, nearly 20,000 transplant surgeries were performed.

The official website of the Organ Transplant Center at the PLA 309 Hospital reported in 2006 that Shi Bingyi had personally performed over 1,200 kidney transplant surgeries and 111 liver transplant surgeries. Cai Ming, deputy director of the center, participated in nearly 1,000 kidney transplant surgeries and nearly 100 liver transplant surgeries and organ harvesting surgeries. Those two individuals ranked among the best of military physicians in terms of surgical experience.

The hospital’s official website claimed that in the past 18 years, Shi Bingyi had led the team to establish an advanced group consisting of “8 sectors, 4 divisions and 9 nursing units” specializing in organ transplantation. His department had developed from a small group of a dozen people to a huge transplant team of over 300.

Investigative Recording 1:

Speaker: Song Jiyong, deputy chief physician of the Organ Transplant Institute at the PLA 309 Hospital, over telephone

Date: December 2, 2015
Phone number: +86-13501215502

Summary of Investigation:

Song Jiyong:You know, we have been doing a relatively large number of liver transplant cases, this year particularly …

Investigator:I know that you are doing a lot. [The] Armed Police [General Hospital] is also doing a lot. Someone I know only waited for 5 days before doing [the transplantation].

Song Jiyong:We used to be about the same as them. In the worst cases, it took two to three weeks [of waiting time] to do it. There are also cases where patient did the surgery on the same day of arrival.
(Download Recording: 6.1 MP3, Transcription: Appendix 6.1)
(Download Recording: 6.2 MP3, Transcription: Appendix 6.2)

Investigative Recording 2:

Speaker: Doctor Jia Chiyu from general surgery at the PLA 309 Hospital

Date: June 8, 2016
Phone Number: +86-13911238533

Summary of Investigation:

Investigator: How are organ transplants at your hospital?

Jia Chiyu: It is pretty good. We’re doing more than anyone else nationwide. That’s all I know.

(Download Recording: 6.3 MP3, Transcription: Appendix 6.3)




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