To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

WOIPFG’s Investigation Report on the Live Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners at Xijing Hospital Affiliated to the Air Force Medical University

March 22nd, 2020
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From Dec 26, 2019 to Jan 15, 2020, World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) conducted an investigation on Li Guowei, a kidney transplant surgeon at Xijing Hospital Affiliated to the Air Force Medical University (formerly the Fourth Military Medical University). Five phone recordings about the CCP’s live organ harvesting have been obtained through our step-by-step investigation from multiple angles. The investigation result confirms once again that the CCP has not stopped the live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners, and this heinous crime is still ongoing.

Our fourth phone investigation taking place on January 13, 2020 especially exposed several deeply hidden secrets of the CCP’s live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners, as well as the party’s long-standing lies of sourcing transplant organs from executed prisoners and voluntary donors through the Red Cross Society of China. The person under investigation acknowledged straightforwardly, “The organs come from Falun Gong practitioners”, while in the CCP authorities’ public statements, they have been described as young donors with high-quality and primary illness-free organs. He even claimed, “As long as you are daring enough, then at that time (i.e. when a Falun Gong practitioner donor becomes available) long as you dare to take a look, I can bring you to the bedside and let you have a look, that is, to let you see with your own eyes that this person is in his 20s.”

In the end, the WOIPFG investigator revealed his identity and cautioned Li Guowei that he had perpetrated the crime against humanity and would eventually face a pathetic ending. The investigator advised him to atone for his sins and crimes by cooperating with the WOIPFG’s investigation. However, he replied, “China is a one-party system. You don’t need to tell me this stuff.” His attitude also reflected the extent of the CCP’s evil brainwashing, which would turn individuals into demons and has degraded the once highly-cultured China into a hell.

WOIPFG’s First Investigation on Li Guowei

Investigation date: Dec 26, 2019 (+86-15929931212)

(Recording 1. Download: MP3; Transcript Download: pdf1)


A WOIPFG investigator consulted Li Guowei by using a pseudonym “Han Mei”, about a kidney transplant for her family member.

1. When the investigator asked Li Guowei to provide organ sources from Falun Gong practitioners, Li said, “We are also willing to use them! In the past, the state allowed hospitals to use the kidneys from executed prisoners. Those donors were really good. After we did the surgeries ourselves, we all knew that the effects of this kind of donors were really good.”

2. When asked about the organ sources, Li said, “The majority of the people are unwilling to donate now, and fewer and fewer people are willing to donate. It is useless for the donor to sign it himself. When the time comes, the donor’s family members must agree. If they don’t, the organs can’t be donated even if you have a written consent. The so-called allocation by the Red Cross Society are…the officials... it is totally just based on a sentence of the officials!”

3. When asked about the price of a kidney transplant, Li said, “The kidney resources in Shaanxi are the cheapest, because one costs 100,000 yuan, which is the cheapest. (Someone) had already asked the organ transplant center in Tianjin, and the kidney source alone would cost 350,000 yuan in cash.”

4. When the investigator asked whether there’s still any Falun Gong practitioner organ source, Li replied, “Unless you have strong connections, very strong connections. Richer people all want to use this kind (of donors).”

WOIPFG’s Second Investigation on Li Guowei

Investigation date: Jan 10, 2020 (+86-15929931212)

(Recording 2. Download: MP3; Transcript Download: pdf2)


Another WOIPFG investigator continued to consult Li Guowei as a different family member of the patient.

1. The investigator said, “If you can help out, I can get prepared and take the money with me.” Li said, “It’s no problem for me to find this thing for you! Since I am in this department, so this is relatively easy for me to get it done.”

2. When talking about the quality of the donors, Li said, “I can get to know how old the donor is, if he has any primary illness, whether he’s healthy or not. I can get to know all this, but you are not allowed to know!”

3. When talking about the organ sources, Li said, “Since the competition is very fierce. It’s not like what people say about the Red Cross Society and that people get officially (randomly) selected as recipients. It’s not like that! You would understand it even without me clearly stating it.” The investigator then called the Red Cross Society “just a front”, and Li said, “Right, right, it’s just a narrative (disguise).”

4. The investigator said that there were certain channels to get Falun Gong practitioner donors and that it’s not absolutely impossible to get them. Li replied, “To be honest, is not easy to tell the truth. (Laughter). Anyway, now it is temporarily not allowed by express stipulation.”

5. The investigator said to Li, “You need to tell me the truth.” And he asked him whether he could find Falun Gong practitioner donors. Li replied, “Of course, it can be found. I can find it for sure. That is, just that you need to spend a little bit extra money, I can then find it.”  The investigator then confirmed with him, “You should look for the type (of organs) that Han Mei talked to you about. You can definitely find one, right?” He replied, “Right, right. I understand the type you are talking about.”

WOIPFG’s Third Investigation on Li Guowei

Investigation date: Jan 11, 2020 (+86-15929931212)

(Recording 3. Download: MP3; Transcript Download: pdf3)


1. Investigator: “We’ve decided to bring the patient with us. When we come over, I will take one million yuan to you first. I want you to make arrangements through public relations to get the organ.” Li said, “I understand!” The investigator then said, “After the operation is completed, I will bring another million, and that will be your compensation. Secondly, the expenses for hospitalization, treatment costs and so on, I will pay them directly to the hospital. Ah, if there are other costs, you can just let me know.” Li replied, “I understand.” (Laughter) The investigator asked again, “Do you understand?” He said, “Well, yes, I understand this. You don’t need to tell me, I understand it all. (Laughter)”

2. Li said, “People under 30 years of age don’t have primary illnesses. We are talking about 30-year-olds. If you are lucky, we may find someone in his 20s, maybe younger than 20 years old, between 15 and 20 years old. This is all possible!”

3. The investigator said, “For this kind of Falun Gong (practitioner donors), some of them may also have organ problems. They are beaten so badly when they are demanded to ‘transform’ and to write a guarantee letter. Some people refuse to write it, then they would go on hunger strikes and go through force feeding, so their organs have been driven to the brink of failure.”

Li replied, “I know what you mean. When the time comes, as long as you are daring enough, then at that long as you dare to take a look, (Investigator: OK!) I can bring you to the bedside and let you have a look, that is, to let you see with your own eyes that this person is in his 20s…I’m just afraid that you’re too timid to take a look. As long as you dare to take a look, you can.”

4. The investigator asked whether the donor organs were excised in the hospital. Li replied, “Everything is done within the hospital, not outside, such as small clinics, places like that. It’s not the case right now. All the surgical treatments are done inside Xijing Hospital. We won’t send you way to a villa outside of the hospital or other places. That won’t happen.”

WOIPFG’s Fourth Investigation on Li Guowei

Investigation date: Jan 13, 2020 (+86-15929931212)

(Recording 4. Download: MP3; Transcript Download: pdf4)


1. Li: “All donors used by hospitals were from prisoners, because in the past…”

Investigator: “Prisoners, they call Falun Gong practitioners prisoners, and detain them in prisons, right?”

Li: “As for what other people call them, I don’t care. That is not something you or I should be concerned about. It has nothing to do with us!”

2. Investigator: “You perform (surgeries) with Falun Gong practitioners’ organs, but you cannot talk about it openly. You can only say that they are good-quality organs with no illnesses, with no primary illnesses.”

Li: “Right, right, that’s how we say it. It’s correct for you to say this! (laughter)”

Investigator: “Let’s stop beating around the bush. You can find Falun Gong practitioner donors, but officially speaking, these organs are high-quality, without primary illness and from young donors.”

Li: “Right, right, right.”

Investigator: “Alright! This is what you mean, right?”

Li: “Yes, that’s what I mean.”

3. Investigator: “You said that the military system recently paused (organ transplants) for a little while. What is the reason?”

Li: “Because the military has been doing the audit recently! Because you need to pay cash for the kidney source in due course. Because at present, cases like yours are not allowed. The hospital does not allow cash transactions.”

WOIPFG’s Fifth Investigation on Li Guowei

Investigation date: Jan 15, 2020 (+86-15929931212)

(Recording 5. Download: MP3; Transcript Download: pdf5)


During the first four investigations, the WOIPFG investigators approached Li as family members of a patient. In the fifth investigation, the investigator formally investigated Li as a WOIPFG member, in the hope that Li would atone for his crimes by cooperating with the investigation and exposing the truth.

1. Investigator: “I am telling you that we can give you an opportunity to make contributions to atone for your crimes. If you cooperate with our investigation to expose the dark secrets, you will make contributions and make atonement for the crimes that you’ve committed in the past due to the CCP’s threats and inducement. Do you understand what I’m saying now?”

Li Guowei: “I understand.”

2. Investigator: “Could you accept and cooperate with our investigation to expose all the dark details to us?”

Li Guowei: “I can’t.”

Investigator: “Why?”

Li Guowei: “No reason. No reason.”

3. Li Guowei: “As you said, which kind of people would be saved?”

Investigator: I was talking about the live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners. “If this could be stopped right now, then they couldn’t keep doing that anymore.”

Li Guowei: “If they can’t do that anymore, how about those patients waiting for organ transplants to survive?”

Investigator: “The patients could follow the normal channels (to obtain donated organs) to live. You can’t kill good people just because you want to live. Can that be right?”

Li Guowei: “Who killed good people?”

Investigator: “Aren’t Falun Gong practitioner’s good people?”

Li Guowei: “Falun Gong?”

Investigator: “Right. Falun Gong practitioners just follow their faith, right?”

Li Guowei: “Those things are none of my business. I am just an ordinary citizen. It’s useless for you to tell me this stuff.”

Investigator: “But you have directly participated in the live organ harvesting. You’ve performed the transplant operations, and you are a participant.”

4. Li Guowei: “Don’t tell me these anti-CCP theories. No need to tell me these.”


Based on the large quantity of information revealed by the investigations on Li Guowei, Li has participated in the live organ harvesting for many years and has committed the crime of live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners.

Li Guowei is not only a kidney transplant surgeon, and he could also be a member of the Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) at Xijing Hospital. He should clearly know all the illegal channels to obtain organ sources at Xijing Hospital.

Li Guowei is a frontline participant and insider of the CCP’s crime of live organ harvesting. He is so deeply involved in the CCP’s crime against humanity that he’s unable to extricate himself from it. Also, he’s not afraid of the consequences of his crime. He ignored the advice from WOIPFG, and thus lost this rare opportunity to save himself. At the same time, this also reflects the root causes of the CCP’s state genocidal crime.