To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

Investigative Report on the Persecution of Falun Gong by Dong Jun

Former Mayor of Xi’an City, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee, First Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of Xi’an
December 30, 2020

Full Name of Perpetrator: Dong (last name) Jun (first name) (董军)

Gender: Male

Country: China

Date/Year of Birth: January 1956

Place of Birth: Hancheng City, Shaanxi Province

Title or Position:[1]

1997 – 2002: Assistant to the Mayor of Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province; Deputy Mayor of Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province.

2002 – 2016: Member of the Standing Committee of the Xi'an Municipal Committee. The First Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee. Director of Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau. Secretary of the Party Committee of Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau.

2012 – 2016: Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee; Mayor of Xi’an City.


Several Illegal Detentions and Torture Leading to Death

During his tenure as a member of the Standing Committee of Xi'an Municipal Committee, as first secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee, as Director of Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau, and as Secretary of the Party Committee of Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau, Dong Jun closely followed the Jiang Zemin’s group in violating the Chinese Constitution and trampling on the law. He used his position to kidnap Falun Gong practitioners on unwarranted charges, implemented illegal detention, sent practitioners to labor camps, and sentenced people to forced detention in "brainwashing class" (a class that persecutes Falun Gong practitioners in an attempt to coerce them into renouncing their faith) among other persecution methods. To date, Dong Jun has caused at least 3 practitioners’ deaths, and is responsible for 97 abductions, 29 illegally labor camp sentences, and 52 illegally imprisonments in “brainwashing classes.”

  1.  Deaths due to persecution

Falun Gong practitioner Wang Dawei (formerly known as Wang Weizhen), a senior engineer at Hong'an Company in Xi'an City, was abducted by the police in a part of the “August 2nd” campaign in Hu County on September 1, 2002. On September 6th, 2002, Mr. Wang was beaten to death during an interrogation and his body was thrown out of the third floor of a tall building. Several Falun Gong practitioners who witnessed the event shouted “Look! The police are killing people!” In order to deceive the public, the officers claimed that Mr. Wang committed suicide by jumping from the building.[2]

Falun Gong practitioner Zhou Qingtian, a retiree from the Chang'an District Committee of Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, was abducted and sent to the Zaozihe Labor Camp in Shaanxi Province for one year in 2002. Mr. Zhou was kidnapped again in July 2004 and was tortured to death during the illegal detention.[3]

Falun Gong practitioner Chen Jiansheng, an employee of Xi'an Industrial and Commercial Bank, was illegally kidnapped on December 23, 2004 while distributing pamphlets with facts about Falun Gong. After being illegally detained for more than a month, he was sent to Zaozhihe Labor Camp on February 3, 2005. In September 2005, Mr. Chen went on a hunger strike as a way of civil disobedience to protest the cruel tortures forced upon him. To punish Mr. Chen, the prison guards ordered fellow prison inmates to escalate the torture of Mr. Chen with the infamous “death bed” method as well as force-feeding. The purpose of force-feeding is never to nourish the victim. Instead, violence is used to torture the victim. In Mr. Chen's case, the force-feeding sessions caused profuse bleeding in his nose and mouth. The torturers force-fed Mr. Chen with saltwater that was so excessively concentrated with salt that there was still undissolved salt in the liquid. As a result, Mr. Chen's lips became dry and cracked and kept bleeding. He experienced intense stomachaches. Mr. Chen knew he was dying from the torture, but he refused to give up his practice of Falun Gong. Finally, a drug addict under the connivance of the prison guards added his urine to an IV, bound Mr. Chen to the death bed and administered the IV solution mixed with urine causing Mr. Chen to die in terrible agony on October 11, 2005. Mr. Chen was 49 years old.[4]


  1. Planned and directed the “August 2” campaign in Hu County

At the beginning of August 2002, Dong Jun implemented a large-scale persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Dong Jun instructed the Hu County Public Security Bureau to set up the "August 2nd task force.” The police of the National Security Brigade, the Criminal Police Brigade and the police stations of the Public Security Bureau were reassigned to kidnap 41 Falun Gong practitioners and some other Chinese citizens who had helped Falun Gong practitioners in Hu County, in the urban areas of Xi'an city and Xianyang city.

These people were abducted and brought to the Hu County Public Security Bureau to extract forced confessions through cruel torture methods. These methods resulted in one person being persecuted to death. Forty were illegally detained and sent to brainwashing class, 10 were illegally sentenced to prison, and 8 were sent to labor camp or long-term detention centers. These serious consequences have made this incident an exemple for other officials to follow for the persecution of Falun Gong in Xi'an. Dong Jun bears the full responsibility for this incident.[5]


  1. Instructed the district and county public security bureaus to abduct 97 Falun Gong practitioners[6]

According to the incomplete statistics of persecution facts revealed by, at least 97 Falun Gong practitioners (including abductees in the “August 2nd” incident that occurred in Hu County) were kidnapped in Xi’an during Dong Jun’s tenure. Below is the list of names:

44 people in 2002: Bai Xiuying, Dai Lian, Fang Liting, Feng Yayun, Dang Zhulin, Gao Bilian, Gao Meiwa, Yan Yanping, Qi Junmin, Han Xu, Liu Fang, Liu Junyi, Liu Shuyan, Lei Han, Li Yuhua, Long Aiqin, Lu Xiuxia, Pan Fangli, Sun Xiuhua, Sun Xiuwen Wang Dawei, Wang Juan, Wang Li, Wang Hong, Wang Hong, Wang Minghua, Wu Tingyu, Yan Lilin, Xu Qingfeng, Xiang Guizhi, Xiao Zhenyong, Xiao Chunhong, Yang Qingheng, Yang Fangli, Yan Anfang, Zhou Yating, Zhang Huipu, Zhang Lianrui, Zhang Guiying, Zhang Jinlan, Zhang Weibin, Zhang Fang, Zhang Ping, Zhao Yufang.

20 people in 2003: Chen Jie, Chen Xiurong, Chen Xiuyun, Fan Shuilian, Feng Xincheng, He Qiuling, Jiang Weidong, Li Zhirong, Li Jingai, Li Caizhen, Li Lingxia, Lan Cuilian, Sun Yuncheng, Tang Jinyu, Xu Wei, Wang Xiuying, Wang Qiuxian, Zhang Xinyuan, Wang Genjing, Zhang Huipu.

17 people in 2004: Cui Xigan, Chen Jiansheng, He Qiuling, Huo Yingying, Liu Jin, Li Zhao, Li Zhirong, Li Suping, Liu Aiying, Liu Mingxi, Lan Cuilian, Song Zhi, Wang Xinxin, Xing Wenzhen, Xue Lijun, Zhang Jie, Zhou Qingtian.

16 people in 2005: Chen Sen, Bai Changling, Jia Shufen, He Yicheng, Huang Guiqin, Li Yanfang, Li Hua, Li Zhirong, Sun Yuncheng, Tang Laotai, Wang Jiali, Yan Xiaohui, Xiaoliang, Yang Huaiyong, Zhao Yuxi, Zhang Jie.

Among these Falun Gong practitioners who were kidnapped by the district and county public security bureaus, Zhang Huipu[7], Han Xu, Wang Li, Li Yanfang and others were illegally sentenced. 29 people including Bai Changling, Cui Xiqian, and Chen Sen were illegally sent to labor camps, and 52 other people were illegally detained in brainwashing classes.[8]

Falun Gong practitioner Li Yanfang was kidnapped in January 2005 for writing the slogan “Falun Dafa is good” with paint. She was severely tortured in the detention center, resulting in her legs being broken. As a result, she lost the ability to walk and could only crawl. Although Li Yanfang was given a note by the doctor saying she was in critical condition, she was still illegally sentenced to 4 years in prison. On August 15, 2005, Li Yanfang was carried into the Shaanxi Provincial Women's Prison by the police. [9]

Falun Gong practitioner Yang Hengqing, former Deputy Dean of the Xi'an Institute of Science and Technology (now the Xi'an University of Science and Technology) and Professor in Electrical Automation Dept, was kidnapped along with two of his family members in September 2002. Mr. Yang was illegally sentenced to seven years (after one year in prison, the sentence was implemented outside of the prison), and his daughter-in-law was illegally sentenced to four years in prison. His wife was sent to brainwashing class. [10]