To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.
Investigative Report: the Vicious Rape and Persecution of Wei Xingyan, a 28-Year-Old Graduate Student, by the Chinese Police (IR 2003-06-06)
August 22, 2004
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The Security Department at China's Southwestern University of Political Science and Law Confirms: Wei Xingyan is a Student of Chongqing University.

Boston, June 6, 2003 -- After receiving a report of the brutal rape, botched force-feedings, and other forms of persecution of Wei Xingyan, a Falun Gong practitioner and a 28-year-old female graduate student, by a police officer in the Baihelin Detention Center of Shapingba District, Chongqing City, the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong ("WOIPFG" immediately launched a vigorous investigation through various channels. The WOIPFG is determined to illuminate the facts of this case to the world and bring justice to the victim.

According to reports, Wei Xingyan, a third-year graduate student earning a master's degree in high voltage power transmission, was arrested on May 11. The authorities suspected her of sending off balloons with Falun Gong banners attached at the Chongching University campus in honor of the May 13 World Falun Dafa Day. She was sent to the Shapingba District "610 Office" for continuous illegal interrogation. She was later sent to the Baihelin Detention Center.

During this investigation, trying to conceal any complicity, Chongqing University officials lied and denied that Wei attended their school.

On the evening of May 13, in a room at the detention center, the police ordered two female inmates to strip off all of Wei's clothes. She cried out, "You have no right to treat me this way!" Then, a uniformed policeman entered, pushed Wei to the ground and raped her in front of the two other inmates. Wei Xingyan sternly warned the policeman, "I have noted your police badge number. You won't get away with this." After the assault, Wei started a hunger strike to protest. The police conducted force-feedings, injuring her trachea and esophagus, which left her unable to speak.

On May 22, Wei Xingyan, already on the verge of death, was sent to Southwestern Hospital in Chongqing City. Many plain-clothed "610 Office" agents guarded and monitored her day and night so they could question, follow and arrest any who tried to visit her.

To investigate this vicious criminal case, in which the victim's life is still in danger, WOIPFG immediately dispatched several Chinese and international professional investigators to conduct a thorough and intense inquiry. We are now publicizing the results of the investigation:

(During the ongoing investigation, the WOIPFG has received assistance from many work units and individuals who have a sense of justice; we once again express our gratitude. However, some suspected parties and individuals tried to conceal the crimes by denying, lying and being evasive. However, "One cannot wrap fire in paper" (trying to obvious conceal truth with ridiculous lies). Evidence WOIPFG has obtained fully shows the criminal facts of the case, including facts that some work units tried to conceal and forge. The following is direct evidence, and all original records are kept by the WOIPFG. Please contact us for any questions. Our contact information is at the end of this document.)

.When asked about Wei Xingyan's situation, the related personnel at the Baihelin Detention Center of Shapingba District, Chongqing, admitted: She practices Falun Gong and was sent to the detention center by the Shapingba Public Security station and the "610 Office." During her detention, Wei Xingyan had been force-fed after she started her hunger strike. After the vicious rape incident, the "610 Office" and the public security station of Shapingba transferred Wei Xingyan. (See investigation record WXY_12.)
.The head of the Party committee office at Chongqing University did not deny that Wei Xingyan had suffered persecution. (See investigation record WXY_12.)
.The staff members of the security department at the Southwestern University of Political Science and Law confirmed: "Wei Xingyan is a Student of Chongqing University." (See investigation record WXY_12.)
.The staff members at the Shapingba "610 Office" were extremely scared when they were investigated, claiming that "our work unit is a crematory." (See investigation record WXY_10.)
Staff members of the graduate school, dormitory and other units at Chongqing University said: "The higher authority has given notice. No one is allowed to conduct an investigation about Wei Xingyan."(See investigation record WXY_05.)
.Members of relevant departments at Chongqing University claimed that all inquiries regarding Wei had to go through a staff member at the College of Electrical Engineering, whose last name is "Yuan." When this staff member was questioned via telephone, he claimed that he was using telephone recording and monitoring devices. Although he denied that any incident regarding Wei had ever happened at the College, he showed unusual interest in the investigator's name and phone number. (See investigation record WXY_06.)
.Members of four departments at the Southwestern Hospital all showed great concern about the victim, Wei, and actively assisted with the investigation. Only the general surgical department immediately hung up the phone as soon as they heard Wei Xingyan's name. In line with health workers' basic medical ethics and a sense of justice, the medical staff at the No. 3 Chongqing Medical University have also provided great help to the investigation. (See investigation record WXY_32.)

The preceding cited evidence and testimony fully verifies the rape of Wei Xingyan, a female graduate student at Chongqing University, by the policeman at the Baihelin Detention Center, Chongqing. Also proven is the other brutal persecution that Wei Xingyan has suffered, including force-feeding. At present, Wei Xingyan is still detained and persecuted by members of the Shapingba Public Security Station, Chongqing, and her life remains in great danger.

Again, the security department at the Southwestern University of Political Science and Law investigated and confirmed that Wei Xingyan is a student of Chongqing University. WOIPFG also obtained evidence to verify this fact. In regards to statements issued by Chongqing University's president's office, the graduate school, the security department and the College of Electrical Engineering, the school officials are playing word games, fabricating lies, and trying to cover up these horrific crimes.

An educational institution, Chongqing University not only failed to show any sympathy and humanity for an innocent student who suffered brutal, illegal persecution, but rushed to deny that she was even a student of the university. This conduct lacks any morals or human conscience. More important, whether or not Wei Xingyan was a graduate student at Chongqing University, the university officials' complicity, which abused a student's life and dignity, is despicable.

WOIPFG will continue to investigate all criminals and suspects involved in this case until all the persecution Wei suffered is uncovered. As the saying goes, "The net of heaven is vast; its mesh is loose, yet it lets nothing pass through." We are determined to bring all criminals and those who harbor them to justice. We call on all individuals who have information related to this case and all people of Chongqing to provide us with leads to the criminals.

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