To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

Comprehensive Report of Policeman Raping Wei Xingyan

Chongqing University Graduate Student, in front of Onlookers
August 22, 2004
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Through its investigation the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) has confirmed the following:

It is a fact that a policeman raped Wei Xingyan, Chongqing University Graduate Student, in front of onlookers at the Baihelin detention center, Shapingba district, Chongqing. It is a fact that police officers seriously damaged both her trachea and esophagus while force-feeding her and sent her to the Southwest hospital for emergency treatment. It is also a fact that Chongqing University blocked all files and information about Wei Xingyan and her major on its website. It cooperated with the Shapingba District "610 Office" (the highest institution within the Chinese government for formulating and executing the campaign to persecute Falun Gong), Shaping public security division and the Baihelin detention center in Shapingba district to conceal the crime.

At present, Wei Xingyan's whereabouts is still unknown.

Information on Wei Xingyan

Wei Xingyan, female, 28 years old, from Sichuan Province, was a graduate student majoring in High Voltage Continuous Current Transmission and Simulation Technology at Chongqing University. The code for this specialized field of study is 080800-12. Her teacher is Mou Daohuai.

Through investigation, it has been confirmed that Wei Xingyan's father Wei Minglun is an employee at the Jiuzhouchunqu Brewery in Bei county, Sichuan province. Her mother Li Xiaoying came from from Zizhong county, Neijiang city, Sichuan Province. She is currently working at the Yayaozengzhao Shoe Factory in Heshan city, Guangdong province. After Wei Xingyan was sent to the Southwest Hospital in Chongqing for emergency treatment, arrangements were made for Li Xiaoying to visit Wei Xingyan in the hospital.

It has also been confirmed that Wei Xingyan graduated from the Southwestern University of Political Science and Law in 1997 and worked for the Xingqiu Law Office in Sichuan province for two years. From 1999 to 2001, she worked for the Xuji Corporation in Xuchang city, Henan province. Ms. Wei passed the entrance examination to Chongqing University and was admitted as a graduate student specializing in High Voltage Direct Current Transmission & Simulation Technology. She had planned to return to her old job upon graduation.

Reports of persecuting Wei Xingyan

According to report, Wei Xingyan was arrested on May 11, 2003 and was interrogated continuously in the "610 office" in Shapingba district. She was arrested because the authorities suspected that she released balloons with Falun Gong banners attached to them on Chongqing University's campus on the "World Falun Dafa Day".

In the evening of May 13, the police took Wei to a room in the Baihelin detention center and ordered two female inmates to strip off all her clothes. Wei Xingyan cried out, "You have no right to treat me this way!" Then a police officer in uniform came into the room and pushed Wei Xingyan to the ground and raped her in front of the two inmates. Wei Xingyan sternly warned the police, "I have seen your police badge number. You won't get away with this." After the assault, Wei Xingyan went on a hunger strike to protest. The police officers badly damaged both her trachea and esophagus while force-feeding her. As a result of this, she was unable to talk, and her life was in great danger.

On May 22, Wei Xingyan was sent to the Southwest Hospital in Chongqing for emergency treatment. Many plain-clothes personnel from the "610 Office" guarded and monitored her day and night so that they could question, follow, and arrest those who went to visit her.

Results of the Investigaton of "610 Office" and the Baihelin detention center in Shapingba district, Chongqing

The related personnel at the Baihelin detention center in Shapingba district, Chongqing, admitted: Wei Xingyan practiced Falun Gong and was sent to the detention center by the Shapingba Public Security division and the "610 Office." A policeman at the Baihelin detention center admitted that during her detention, Wei Xingyan had been force-fed after she started her hunger strike. After the rape incident, the "610 Office" and the public security station of Shapingba transferred Wei Xingyan.

Based on the investigation, the policeman who raped Wei Xingyan and other police officiers who were aware of this incident have recently been transferred to the Yongchuan prison from their original positions in the Baihelin detention center. Other policemen from the Shaqu "610 Office" who were involved in arresting Wei Xingyan were also transferred to other places to avoid external inquiries.

The staff members at the Shapingba "610 Office" in Chongqing tried to avoid directly answering the questions when they were questioned during the first two phone calls. In the third phone investigation, they denied it was the "610 Office", claiming, "Our work unit is a crematory."

Individuals responsible for the persecution:
Yu Bin, Commissar of the "610 Office" in Shapingba district, Chongqing.
Liu Wei, Team Leader of the "610 Office" in Shapingba district, Chongqing.

Results of the Investigation of Chongqing University and the Southwestern University of Political Science and Law

The office of the Chongqing University (graduate school) claimed that they did not have High Voltage Continuous Current Transmission and Simulation Technology major. In the joint statement posted on the University's website, the Security Section of Chongqing University and the College of Electrical Engineering claimed that there was no such major as "High-voltage Power Transmission". On June 6, the concentrations under the High-voltage and Insulation Technology Department were deleted from the University's website. But in the "Brief Introduction of Graduate Admission and Concentration Index, Chongqing University, 2003" downloaded on the same day from the University's website, under the College of Electrical Engineering, High-voltage Direct Power Transmission and Imitation Technology was listed, and its advisor was Mou Daohuai.

Chongqing University claimed that there was no such student named Ms. Wei Xingyan. However, the staff members at the graduate school, dormitory and other units of Chongqing University who have had direct contact with Wei Xingyan told the investigator, "The higher authority has given notice. No one is allowed to conduct an investigation about Wei Xingyan." The person in charge of the Office of the Party Committee in Chongqing University did not deny the existence of Wei Xingyan and the rape and force-feeding she suffered. The staff members of the security department at the Southwestern University of Political Science and Law told the investigator: "Wei Xingyan is a student of Chongqing University."
During an investigation on June 10, 2003, members of the relevant departments at Chongqing University claimed that all inquiries regarding Wei had to go through a staff member at the College of Electrical Engineering, whose last name is "Yuan." When this staff member was questioned via telephone, he claimed that he was using telephone recording and monitoring devices. Although he denied any incident regarding Wei ever happened at the College, he showed unusual interest in the investigator's name and phone number.
At the same time, according to the information obtained from other sources, when Wei Xingyan's circumstances were exposed, the Chongqing municipal government and the "610 Office", on one hand, blocked all files and information about her university major in Chongqing University, and on the other hand, said: "Wei Xingyan has already been picked up by her family members." It was confirmed later that Wei Xingyan had not gone home at all. It is likely that Wei Xingyan was transferred to another place for further persecution.
In order to avoid their responsibility for the crime, the "610 Office" policemen have blocked off all of Wei Xingyan's files and information regarding her major in Chongqing University. The "610 Office" also threatened the senior members at the University, the College of Electrical Engineering, and the department, as well as the faculty members, the students, and so on. They are strictly forbidden to talk and inquire about Wei Xingyan's story. The "610 Office" formally notified Chongqing University to speak along the same line: "Tell all outsiders that you do not have a student named Wei Xingyan, and do not admit there is a field called high-pressure direct current transmission and simulation technology (or high-pressured power transformer)." Anyone who inquires about Wei Xingyan will be targeted and seized by the "610 Office." So far over 10 people have been arrested. Some are members of the University, and some are not.

Presently, all of Wei Xingyan's roommates in the dorm, and all of the female students living in half of the dorm-building floor have disappeared without a trace. They are not at school. Their original dormitory is also empty.

Personnel in Chongqing University responsible for the persecution:

Li Xiaohong, President
Tang Yike, Chen Demin, Sun Caixin, Luo Guoyuan, Zhang Siping, Vice President
Zhu Jialin, Secretary
Zhao Xiuyu, Zheng Pingsheng, Assistant Secretary
Fang Zhenyun, Dean of the Graduate School
Zheng Xiaolin, Liu Dong, Liu Qingcai, Associate Dean
Mr. Yuan, College of Electrical Engineering
Mr. Wang, Section Chief of the Security Department
Mr. Mei, Personnel at the Security Department

Results of the Investigation of Southwest Hospital

Members of the four departments at the Southwest Hospital all showed great concern about the victim, Wei Xingyan, and actively assisted with the investigation.

Only the general surgical department refused to cooperate with the investigation as soon as they heard Wei Xingyan's name.

Chongqing University officials took revenge on faculties and students

Recently, the "610 Office" in the district established a special unit in order to find out who released the news about Wei Xingyan to outside. They had also set a deadline of one week to achieve the goal starting August 1. In the morning of August 1, the "610 Office" special unit drove a white van onto Chongqing University premises to monitor the communications within the school. That van was equipped with a complete set of modern equipment that can monitor wire and wireless communications. In the evening of August 3, the special unit officers arrested over a dozen staff and faculty members on campus. All of them are Falun Gong practitioners, about two or three of them are professors.

The main culprits involved in the persecution of Ms. Wei are security guards Wang and Mei, as well as their supervisor. All three are working in the Security Office at Chongqing University. The three of them are actively involved with the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Chongqing University.

The persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Chongqing University in the past four years

According to report, Chongqing University Professors Zhang Yougao, Gu Jiushou, retired political cadre Jiang Anming and Xue Junhe, Wang Zhengrong, Yan Xinpei, Xiao Zeju who are 60 years old are detained in the Xishanping Forced Labor Camp in Chongqing. The police instigated the prisoners in the forced labor camp to cruelly torture these Falun Gong practitioners using all kinds of means.

Chongqing University students and graduate students Wu Jie, Zhang Zhihu, Mei Guinan, Mi Xiaozheng, Yang Chengbao, Lu Zhen and others were also detained or dismissed by the university. Chongqing University teacher Gao Zhongying has been detained in Chongqing Female Forced Labor Camp located on No. 21-1, Wujiang Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing (near Maojiashan). More than 600 female Falun Gong practitioners have been detained there. After the forced labor camp expanded its construction, the self-contained monitor system is one of the tools used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners detained there. People who are released from this forced labor camp disclosed that Falun Gong practitioners there suffered all kinds of violent physical punishment and cruel tortures.

There are many more such persecution cases, they are too many to list here.


The comprehensive investigation report shows that Chongqing University graduate student Wei Xingyan has indeed been detained in Baihelin Detention Center. By comparing the results obtained from many sources to the facts that the suspected relevant personnel tried to avoid the rape incident, denied their identity, gave answers that contradict each other and even told lies to conceal the rape case, It is certain that the case in which Wei Xingyan was raped by policeman before onlookers in Baihelin Detention Center is true.
As an educational institution, Chongqing University administration, graduate school, and university security department not only failed to assist the investigation to help the female student to appeal for justice, but also instead, rushed to deny that she is even a student of the university under the pressure of the "610 Office" and other authorities. They even removed and changed specific Information in the university's website so that they can completely deny the victim and her study specialization in order to conceal the rape case. They also cooperated with the "610 Office" to monitor, threaten and transfer the faculty members and students in the university who know about Wei Xingyan's case. Further, they arrested over a dozen of faculty members and students who were suspected of assisting WOIPFG's investigation.

WOIPFG will continue to investigate all suspects involved in this case. We call on all individuals who have information related to this case and all people of Chongqing to provide us with leads to the suspects in order to rescue Wei Xingyan and other people who are imprisoned as soon as possible. We are determined to bring all criminals to justice and let the truth be known to the world.

World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong

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