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Information About the Abduction of Falun Gong Practitioner Mr. Ni Guobin from Dongxihu District

WOIPFG Urgent Notice
July 13, 2004, updated on July 14
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WOIPFG Urgent Notice

Information About the Abduction of Falun Gong Practitioner Mr. Ni Guobin from Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

On July 13, 2004, at around noon local time, police officer Lu Xinhua (who claims himself as National Security Team) from National Security Team (No.1 Division) of Wuhan City Police Department and policeman Tian Jun from No. 1 Section of Wuhuan City Dongxihu District Police Department led plainclothes officers from Wuhan City "610 Office" (totally seven males and one female, plainclothes officers claimed themselves as from "610 Office"  broke into Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Ni Guobin's home in Wuhan City (also a private-owned company) and intended to take Mr. Ni away. Coming along with these perpetrators were also Min, head of Dongxihu District Changqingyuan Police Station and Party Secretary Cao, in charge of Changqing Street Committee. Ni Guobin resisted being abducted and refused to sign the arrest warrant. He also took an opportunity to send message to others outside about his being besieged. Till 3:00p.m., more than 20 policemen from the National Security Team of Wuhan City Police Department (Ni's neighbors said that over a dozen police cars stopped outside the building) came and searched everywhere in Mr. Ni's home. The police didn't provide any excuses or evidence, simply wanted to arrest him. Ni Guobin insisted on not signing the arrest warrant, and kept explaining the facts to surrounding residents. Six hours later, at 6:00p.m., four or five policemen began beating and kicking Mr. Ni in front of the crowd of people and forcibly dragged and carried him into the car and abducted him. Feng Zhuanyun, head of No.1 Section of Dongxihu District Police Department threatened to make Ni Guobin die.

Ni Guobin had been illegally sentenced to three years in prison, and was just released for a short period of time. His wife is seven months pregnant, and his parents-in-law in their 70s who suffer serious high blood pressure are living with them.

>All of his home office appliances, computer, fax machine, typewriter, and telephone were confiscated. His home was in a mess. Li Zemin and Wu Guozhi from the National Security Team of Wuhan City Police Department and Party Secretary Cao from Changqing Street Committee signed as witnesses of this abduction incident.

Ni Guobin, university graduate, private business owner,
Home address: 46-1-103, No. 3 Village of Changqing Garden, Dongxihu District, Wuhan City
Registered residence: No. 5 on the 2nd floor, 11 Huangpu Rd, Jiangan District, Wuhan City

No.1 Division of Wuhan City Police Department: 86-27-85395240

Switchboard of Wuhan City Police Department: 86-27-85864400
Chief of Wuhan City Police Department, Huang Guanchun: 86-27-85876666 or extended through switchboard

Deputy Chief of Wuhan City Police Department, Liu Jiannian: extended through switchboard

Wuhan City Supervising Bureau Reporting Telephone: 86-27-82624205 (Email:

Wuhan City Long-Distance Telephone Handling: 86-27-12345

Dongxihu District "610 Office" Director, also the deputy chief of the district police department, Li Xingfu
Dongxihu District Police Department: 86-27-83892910

Feng Zhuanyun, Head of No.1 Section of Dongxihu District Police Department: 86-27-85398643 (office)

Changqing Street Committee: 86-27-83529456

Hubei Province "610 Office" Huang Zhaolin: 86-27-87233496 (office), 86-27-87234738 (home)


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