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Telephone Messages: Evidences of Harvesting Organs from Live Falun Gong Practitioners in China

June 12, 2006
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Telephon Message 1

Call time: March 15, 2006
A: Investigator  B: Doctor (Director Song Wenli 13920128990)
City: Tianjin (Tianjin No. 1 Central Hospital, also called the Orient Organ Transplant Center)
Telephone company record:

3/15/2006 19:23







A: Hi. Is this Tianjin first central hospital’s Director Song?
B: Yes, please speak.
A: …His doctor told him that the source of the kidney is very good as [the organ supplier] practiced qigong. (asked: “What type of qigong?”) Falun Gong, because people who practice Falun Gong have good health…[interrupted] 
B: Of course. We have a similar situation here. We also have these so-called supplier bodies that are still breathing or still have a heartbeat. We also have them, of course. Um, we might have some of this type. So far this year, we’ve probably had more than ten kidneys of this kind …

Telephone Message 2
Call time: March 16, 2006
A: Investigator  B: Hospital  C: Doctor
City: Shanghai (Zhongshan Hospital affiliated with Fudan University in Shanghai)
Telephone company record:
Date/Time                          Phone Number             Length of Call(minutes)
03/16/2006 03:42:34         011862164041990          17


A: Hello. Is this the Zhongshan Hospital?
B: Yes, transplant ward.
A: Is this the Liver Transplant Center?
B: Yes. How may I help you?
A: I want to have a consultation of my illness
B: Please wait. I will get you a doctor.

C: Hello.
A: Hi. Are you a doctor? Can you do transplant surgery?
C: Yes, we can.
A: How long do I have to wait?
C: About a week after you come.
A: Are there any organs from Falun Gong practitioners? I heard that this kind is generally very good…
C: What we have here is all this type.
A: Oh, the good ones all come from Falun Gong practitioners and they are fresh, usually within how many hours?
C: It should be OK within 24 hours, but we generally control it within 10 hours.
A: Could you tell me who should I contact with about it?
C: You need to talk to the court system.
A: Do you get them from other area? Or you have them locally?
C: We have both.
A: I see. So you have both out of town and local supplies.
C: Yes.


Telephone Message 3
Call time: March 16, 2006
A: Investigator  B: Hospital  C: Doctor 
City: Qianfoshan, Shandong Province(Qianfoshan Liver Transplant Center in Shandong Province)
Telephone company record:
Date/Time                          Phone Number             Length of Call(minutes)
03/16/2006 02:42:37         0118653182968900         16


B: Hello. 
A: Hello. Is this the ward of Shandong Qianfoshan Liver Transplant Center?
B: Yes.
A: I’d like to have a consultation…
B: Please wait. I’ll get a doctor for you.
A: OK.

C: Hello.
A: Hi. I’d like to ask a few questions. How long you have performed liver transplants? Do you…
C: We’ve started since 2002.
A: From 2002 to present?
C: More than four years.
A: As for the liver supplies, usually how long do you keep them?
C: There is a rule of 12 hours. So far we haven’t exceeded 12 hours. The ones we have are all pre-checked.
A: I heard that some livers come from Falun Gong practitioners. So I want to know if you have this type or not?
C: Um. You just need to come.
A: So you mean you have this type?
C: Well, let me tell you, you just come over…er…we will sure to get more this type in April and the number of those suppliers is gradually increasing now.
A: Why will there be more in April?
C: I cannot tell you that because it involves... it doesn’t mean…Anyway, there is no need to explain this to you. This question can’t be answered.


Telephone Message 4
Call time: March 16, 2006
A: Investigator  B: Hospital  C: Doctor  Dai 
City: Shanghai (The Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University in Shanghai)
Telephone company record:
Date/Time                          Phone Number             Length of Call(minutes)
03/16/2006 02:19:39         011862163240090          15


B: Greetings. This is the No. 1 Adjunct Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University.
A: Hello. May I have your number of liver transplant center?
B: Please wait while we are connecting you…
C: Let me tell you, it should be OK to have liver transplant in your case.
A: I just want to know how long we have to wait.
C: We have supplies everyday. Today for example, we are performing transplant surgery.
A: Well, I mean not just a fresh one. We need one from live human body…
C: Sure, the organs we use are all from live persons.
A: What?
C: They are all live organs! Ours are the best.
A: Then I want to know how long you have been in operation. I want to find out your skill level.
C: We’ve done this for 5-6 years. We have performed such kind of operation for 5-6 years already.
A: Then how many do you do per month?
C: We have done 400 to 500 cases.
A: What? 400 - 500?
C: Yes, that’s right.
A: So you do 400 to 500 transplants every year?
C: No. This year we just started after the Chinese New Year, but so far we’ve done more than 10 cases, 20 to 30 cases already.  Each year we did about 100 to 200 transplants.
A: All these organs, they must come from healthy persons. We need the healthy one.
C: I’ll make sure that you’re satisfied after you come.

A: I heard some come from those who practice qigong. They are very healthy.
C: Yes, we have this type, but I cannot explain to you clearly over the phone.
A: If you could find me one, I will come right away.
C: Of course. Just come over!
A: Oh, you could. Then how do I find you? What’s your last name? I will look for you.
C: I’m Doctor Dai.
A: Which Dai?
C: The ‘Dai’ as in ‘dai mao’ (=wear a hat).


Telephone Message 5
Call time: April 2, 2006
A: Investigator  B: Hospital Staff
City: Wuhan, Hubei Province (No. 2 Affiliated Hospital of Hubei Province Medical University)
Tel No.: 0118627-67813104 ext. 2960 or 2961
Telephone company record:

4/2/2006 18:05






A: Hi. Is this the No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Hubei Province Medical University?
B: Yes.
A: What about kidney sources from prisoners who practice Falun Gong at your place?
B: I would say not bad. Maybe you can ask the General Hospital of Army…the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Zone
A: Hold on for a second…, General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Zone …
B: It is also called the Wuhan General Hospital. We share with each other.

Telephone Message 6
Call time: March 30, 2006
A: Investigator B: Hospital Staff
City: Wuhan (Tongji Hospital in Wuhan City)
Tel No.: 0118627-83662688 ext. Kidney Transplant Department (or Urological Surgery Department)
Telephone company record:

3/30/2006 17:46






A: Hello. Is it the Wuhan Tongji Hospital?
B: Yes, it is.
A: Are you the Urological Surgery Department? We need to have kidney transplant.
B: Yes, this is the Kidney Transplant Department.
A: When did you start the large volume kidney transplantation?
B: We are the earliest place. We started a long time ago.
A: How many operations do you do each year?
B: Our hospital is the place where largest amount of transplants have been done. In the whole Hubei Province area, our department is the most productive one. We've done a lot because we have ample organ supplies.
A: From a patient's perspective, live kidney source is preferred. So we are looking for live organ transplantation from prisoners, for example, from those who practice Falun Gong. Is it possible?
B: Sure, it's not a problem.
A: So do you get enough supplies of live organs from prisoners such as those who practice Falun Gong?
B: Yes, sure, no problem. When you are ready, you can come over directly and we will discuss it in detail.



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