To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

Testimonial of HeLizhi

March 9, 2007
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1. 中共电视是精神虐杀工具

Television controlled by the Chinese Communist Party is a tool of mental assassination.

2. 在监狱里,我被警察用几十万伏的电棍疯狂的电击过,但是那种极端受污辱和蹂躏、让人伤痛如此久的,却是在监狱里每次被强迫看诬蔑法轮功的电视内容,中央电视台制作的东西。

I have been tortured by guards savagely using electric batons discharging several hundred kilovolts on my body in the prison. Yet the most extreme humiliation and devastation that caused anguish and bitterness for such a long period was the forced-watching of television programs vilifying Falun Gong. Those programs were produced by the CCTV.

3. 中央电视台的自焚录像,不知道在监狱里放过多少遍了。被非法判刑的法轮功学员被投入监狱后首先被强迫看的就是自焚录像。

I was forced to watch the Self-Immolation video produced by the CCTV over and over again for countless times in the prison. The very first video that illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners were forced to watch was the Self-Immolation video.

4. 监狱在指定刑事犯对法轮功学员進行跟身监控之前,都有几周的特殊“上岗”培训,其中的首要内容就是组织犯人反复观看自焚录像,培养他们对法轮功的仇恨情绪,让他们把法轮功学员当作“去天安门广场自焚”、“残害生命”、“没有人性”的人来对待。

Before the prison put felon inmates through several weeks of special “New Job Training” before assigning them to monitor and track Falun Gong practitioners. One of the first key content of the training was to organize the inmates to watch the Self-Immolation video repeatedly to foster and develop their hatred against Falun Gong. The prison wanted them to treat Falun Gong practitioners like those portrayed characters in the video who wanted to “Burn themselves to death on Tiananmen Square”, “Taking life into their own hands,” and “Inhuman Beast.”

5. 强迫观看自焚真相是警察对法轮功学员進行精神摧残的经常性手段。尤其是在学员以“严正声明”的形式否定了自己曾在高压下违心写的“认罪书”、“悔过书”后,凶恶的警察就把他单独隔离,关進小号,一刻不停地反复播放自焚录像,有警察和几个犯人看着,稍有”不从“就可能被拳脚相加,强迫学员以固定的姿势坐在硬板凳上目不转睛的近距离盯着电视画面上血肉模糊的镜头,听着音量开的很大的、撕心裂肺的惨叫,不堪入耳而又令人心痛的对法轮功的诽谤。警察用这种方式反复对学员進行精神刺激,企图使学员的精神崩溃,并把观看自焚录像时的一切痛苦体验铭刻在他们的记忆里 --只要你想起法轮功,就让你联想到这样的惩罚。警察知道,对法轮功学员的最大精神折磨就是对法轮大法進行污蔑,并强迫他们放弃信仰。

Forcing Falun Gong practitioners to watch the Self-Immolation video is a tactic often used by police, designed specifically for mental tortures. Such was the case especially when a practitioner issued “Solemn Declaration” to repudiate the “Repentant Paper”, “Guilty Plea Paper” that were signed under high pressure coercion against their will. Once the practitioner did that, the hideous police would put him into solitary confinement in the “Small Cell”, followed by constantly watching repeated program of Self-Immolation video. There would be police and several inmates monitoring. The slightest “defiance” would invite savagely beating and kicking. They would force Falun Gong practitioner to seat with a firm stance on a hard wooden chair with eyes focused at the bloody scene on the TV screen, listening to the lung-splitting screaming and heart-wrenching words vilifying Falun Gong of the video with volume cranked to the loudest level. The police repeatedly used this tactics to mentally torment practitioners, trying to break them down mentally. The police wanted practitioners to etch the painful experience permanently of watching the video into their memory. As soon as you think of Falun Gong, you would immediately remember such punishment. Police knew that the worst mental tortures on Falun Gong practitioners were the vilifying of Falun Gong, and forcing them to give up their faith.

6. 除了自焚录像外,中央电视台制作的所有污蔑法轮功的节目尤其是“焦点访谈”都在监狱被多次播放,每次看完后都强迫学员写所谓“观后感”,强迫承认电视上编造的东西是“真实的”,强迫承认被非法监禁反而是共产党的挽救和恩赐。不论是“傅怡斌杀人案”、从新疆跑到咸阳练手的杀人案、还是浙江的投毒案等,都是被多次播放。类似这样的栽赃法轮功的“新闻”,警察都能事先从其“上级”得到播放通知,有时候会把在外面做奴工的学员提前带回来看。这些杀人案的编造和经常性播出,为警察和犯人对法轮功学员的野蛮暴力和非人折磨提供了“伦理”依据和法律许可,因为他们的逻辑就是“炼法轮功的不是人”,“炼了法轮功就会去杀人”。警察不止一次对我说,别以为你没犯法,抓進来冤枉,要不是共产党把你抓進来,你都在社会上杀了人了!“。全世界都知道,中国监狱许多对待犯人的方式严重侵犯人权,而无辜的法轮功学员在监狱里则是囚犯的囚犯!

In addition to the Self-Immolation video, other programs vilifying Falun Gong, such as the “Focal Interview” (Also translated as “Focus”) produced by the CCTV were repeatedly played in the prison. Each time after the viewing they would force practitioners to write down their “viewing experience,” forcing them to acknowledge the fabricated contents were “real”, forcing them to acknowledge the illegal prison terms were savior and favor by the CCP. Numerous other TV programs were repeatedly forced to watch, such as the “Fu Yibin Murder Story,” “Strangling Murder Story from Xinjiang to Xianyang,” “Poison Murder in Zhejiang Province”. Whenever such “News” that vilifying Falun Gong took place, the police would receive advanced broadcasting notice from the “Senior Administration.” Sometimes they would bring Falun Gong practitioners back from doing slave labors outside prison to watch the program. Such fabricated “Murder” programs and their repeated broadcasting provided “reasoning” and “lawful ground” for the police and inmates to apply savage and brutal treatment against Falun Gong practitioners because their logic was “Falun Gong practitioners were not human” and “Practicing Falun Gong would make you a murderer.” Police told me more than once, “Don’t you think that you did not commit any crime and you were wrongfully charged. If CCP did not arrest and detain you, you would have murdered people in the society.” The whole world knew that prisoner treatment in Chinese prison was seriously violating human rights, and innocent Falun Gong practitioners were the worst treated prisoner among all prisoners.

He Lizhi (illegally sentenced to three and half years in prison, he was detained at the Beijing City Qianjin Prison located at Chading district in Tianjin City).



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