To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

Flushing Incident Investigative Report

July 9, 2009
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On May 17, 2008, many Falun Gong practitioners were attacked by an organized group of individuals in Flushing, New York.

The violence occurred as the Falun Gong practitioners were participating in a demonstration organized by the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (Service Center) to show support for the 36 million people who had renounced their affiliations and ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

After the initial attacks on May 17, the violence continued about 20 consecutive days as a mob of hundreds continued to verbally and physically harass and assault the Falun Gong practitioners. Afterwards, they set up a booth on the street from which they displayed malicious signage and disseminated printed materials slandering Falun Gong. During that period, local police provided the protection to the Falun Gong practitioners. By June 27, 2008, 16 individuals that had participated in the attacks were arrested. [1]

In response to the Flushing attacks, the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) carried out an immediate investigation. According to the evidence, the entity responsible for organizing and executing these terrorist attacks can be traced back to the communist regime and the Chinese Consulate in New York. The communist regime’s motives for launching these attacks are related to both a singular incident, as well as being part of a long-term strategy. The motives are:
1) To divert a public outcry against the communist regime for its violent treatment of Tibetans and its mishandling of the Sichuan earthquake, resulting in large loss of life.
2) Search for an effective strategy to extend its persecution of Falun Gong overseas.
3) Test the regime’s overseas mobilization capacity for special politics and unrestricted warfare.
4) Test the international community’s tolerance threshold towards their actions.

I. The Communist Regime used Sichuan earthquake disaster relief as an excuse to instigate public hatred towards Falun Gong
After the well-reported March 2008 Tibetan crackdown, the global interest in a boycott of the communist regime’s Olympic Games because of human rights violations, and the mishandling of the Sichuan earthquake that killed over 80,000 civilians and the public indignation towards the communist regime was rising.

This was causing a political crisis for the communist regime. Specifically, the discontent and indignation about the earthquake was due to the regime’s concealing information from the public before the earthquake struck. The inferior construction of public buildings including schools that collapsed and killed thousands, and the delaying of overseas relief efforts after the quake. [2]

In an effort to divert the public’s attention away from the regime’s mis-management at a time when the public was still grieving over the Sichuan Earthquake, the regime fabricated the slander that the Falun Gong practitioners interfered the disaster relief. The communist regime deceived the Chinese people by using their sympathy, to instigate hatred towards Falun Gong. It did this by shifting the population’s growing discontent and indignation towards the regime to Falun Gong practitioners.

Falun Gong’s Long Existing “Quitting the Party” Street Activities Were Slandered by the Communist Regime as Being “Damaging the Disaster Relief”

The Service Center is a volunteer organization that helps Chinese withdraw from the Communist Party membership. After it was established in 2004, there have been two principal display boards at the Service Center. One reads “Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong” and the other one presents the most up-to-date number of people that have quit the Party. For example, it displayed “36,000,000 people have quit CCP” on May 17. This number is updated according to the number of people that have officially deserted the Communist Party as published on the Epoch Times website.

As noted, on May 17, 2008, the Service Center in Flushing, New York was under attack, and the volunteers at the service center were beaten by the affiliated pro-communist individuals. [3] In regards to the attacks, the regime’s mouthpieces and pro-communist media generated a great deal of coverage that was full of false charges and distorted facts. CCTV (Chinese Central Television), Xinhua News Net, China Press USA and SinoVision Inc. in the United States falsely portrayed the rally held in support of people quitting the Communist Party as Falun Gong “interfering with the disaster relief,” and instigating a mis-informed public to thus resent Falun Gong practitioners. [4]

Communist’s Street Booth Set Up to Slander and Attack Falun Gong

The attackers involved in the violent Flushing attacks have established a booth to solicit signatures from the public in order to openly incite public resentment, slander, and to act as a base of operations to attack the legally registered religious organization, Falun Gong, and the registered Service Center. Furthermore, they are brazenly interfering with the legitimate activities to quit the Communist Party. [5]

II. The Communist Party’s Consulate in New York Was Involved in the Manipulation of the Flushing Attacks

WOIPFG investigated and took evidence directly from Keyu Peng, the Chinese Consul General in New York. A WOIPFG investigator (with a special status) called Keyu Peng and the recorded conversation clearly indicated that the Flushing attacks were not spontaneous. It was a trap and a set-up controlled by the communist regime with the direct involvement of the Consulate General in New York. Keyu Peng indicated clearly in his phone conversation that he and other officials from the Chinese Consulate General were all present at the scene, and they shook hands with individuals from the mob and spurred them on. After the initial wave of violence, Peng and other officials went to various overseas Chinese pro-communist organizations to express their gratitude and support. The relevant contents of the phone recording also showed that the key reason behind the jointly delivered attacks is that the Service Centre “protests against and opposes the CCP.” It had no connection whatsoever with the earthquake in Sichuan or the disaster relief efforts. According to transcripts translated from Chinese, Keyu Peng said on May 21, 2008: 
“I should say I have kept a good relationship with them. Given their kind of passion, you must go there (in person). Showing up there (in person) or not makes a lot of difference in terms of effect. So you go there in person. That is a bit hard work. You work a little harder, but, this way (I) get closer to the hearts of those overseas Chinese people. For example, they came over after they fought with Falun Gong (practitioners), and I shook hands with them one by one to thank them. Then I said a few words (to them), encouraging words. This is what must be done. I am just telling you the truth. Even when it is done to this extent, yet I cannot do it right there in front of Falun Gong. I always parked my car far from the scene to avoid being seen by them [Falun Gong practitioners]. I must be careful about this; otherwise, people will accuse me ... This will give them leverage. That will not be good. You know, I have been very careful. When they came down here and (told me) we had driven (Falun Gong practitioners) out, I just shook hands with them. I said thank you to them, and some encouraging words. In addition, I held a press conference yesterday and condemned Falun Gong. Yesterday, it was yesterday when I held a press conference.” [6]

After the phone conversation recordings from the investigation by the WOIPFG were made public, no communist regime’s mouthpiece media, nor the regime’s Foreign Affairs Ministry or the Consulate General in New York has ever denied the authenticity of these recordings. Furthermore, the Chinese Consulate General in New York and other Chinese websites controlled by the Communist regime have all deleted the actual video recordings of Keyu Peng’s previous speeches from their websites.

III. The Flushing Attacks Are One Example of the Communist Regime’s Systematic Persecution Against Falun Gong Practitioners on a Global Scale

The Flushing attacks were not an isolated incident, instead they are an example of the systematic pattern of the regime’s persecution against Falun Gong practitioners outside of Mainland China. For example, last year, there were similar attacks of mob-style violence on the streets in Argentina, San Francisco, Australia, Hong Kong, and other regions.

The Flushing attacks were orchestrated by overseas communist point-men who utilized ethnic Chinese immigrant’s grief over the Sichuan earthquake disaster to incite violence towards Falun Gong practitioners, by making false accusations that the Falun Gong practitioners had attempted to block disaster-relief efforts. It was a rehearsal that demonstrates the regime’s extension into western societies, an international strategy that it has long been developing through students, professional, and community-based associations. [7]

IV. The Flushing Attacks Are A Great Exposure of the Communist Regime’s Manipulation of Overseas Chinese and Its Global Strategy of A “United Front”

During the Beijing 2008 Torch Relay, the regime organized overseas Chinese to take to the streets against the protesters in the cities around the world. These efforts demonstrated the speed, scale, degree and efficiency of the regime’s ability to mobilize and command overseas Chinese communities to serve the Communist regime’s centralized political objectives. Since the governments of these countries were unaware of the true situation and failed to respond appropriately, the regime was greatly encouraged and went even further to scheme and carry out the Flushing attacks. However, the Flushing attacks that mobilized large organized crowds were coordinated in a fashion chillingly similar to the violence and mob justice displayed throughout the “Cultural Revolution,” thus plainly exposing the organizational structure and true intentions of the communists abroad. [8]

V. The Flushing Attacks Equal Terrorism Activities

The actions of the communist regime during the Flushing attacks follow the pattern of terrorist activities, and were not merely spontaneous public disturbances as the regime intended them to appear. The below characteristics of the Flushing attacks validate this definition:

(1) Death threats
(2) Joint attacks (groups and individuals coming together to attack)
(3) Posing as Falun Gong practitioners to say insulting things to upset local Chinese people in order to instigate hatred against Falun Gong
(4) Fabrication of rumors to mislead the public by assuming the identity of “previous sympathizers of Falun Gong practitioners.” These pretenders would usually make remarks similar to “I used to sympathize with you (Falun Gong practitioners). However, this time, Falun Gong practitioners held the quitting the CCP rally at an inappropriate time, so now I’m in opposition to you.”
(5) Attempts by the regime's thugs to pose as Falun Gong practitioners and then attacking the elderly and pregnant women to create violent attacks to shift the blame onto Falun Gong practitioners. They also attempted to arrange communist-related media reporters to videotape the scene, though their attempt was not successful because of being exposed beforehand. [9]

VI. The Communist Regime Uses Flushing Attacks to Slander and Attack Falun Gong Practitioners Worldwide

The focus of these attacks was in New York City, and there were also similar attacks using the same methods taking place simultaneously in other countries and regions. In Japan, France, England, Canada, and almost all the regions and cities, where the communist consulates are located, deployment and propaganda were arranged to instigate this type of attack. Even in mainland China, the regime’s spies at all social levels and cyber police were spreading a great deal of fabricated rumors to incite hatred towards Falun Gong practitioners in public places such as Internet chat rooms and cyber forums, as well as in private communications. Since the majority of these assailants took on the identities of Falun Gong practitioners or former “Falun Gong sympathizers” when spreading these rumors, they were able to baffle and mislead the public even more.

According to some communist insiders, the Flushing, New York attacks were merely a trial run for similar actions around the globe. If they proved successful, the same type of attacks would be spread throughout all the cities and countries in the world, wherever there is the presence of Chinese people, in accordance to the strategies and techniques employed in New York. The spies have also been spreading these kinds of rumors in mainland China. [10]

It is reported that the intelligence agencies in Japan, England, Canada, and France have come to learn the arrangements made by the communist regime within the local overseas Chinese communities, as well as how the local communist-controlled Chinese media cooperated to carry out these covert backstabbing attacks. These other countries are paying close attention to the U.S. government’s attitude and treatment of the Flushing case in New York, as well as to its subsequent development. These countries have also realized that the Flushing attacks can take place at any time on their soil. [11]

VII. The Communist Regime Uses the Flushing Attacks to Execute A New Round of Persecution Towards Falun Gong Practitioners in Mainland China

After the communists had organized the attacks by its spies on the attendees of the Quit the Party rally in Flushing, it started to distribute rumors through its official mouthpiece media, making false charges against Falun Gong practitioners. Such false rumors included statements that Falun Gong were “damaging the disaster relief.” It has been revealed by residents in mainland China that in the process of these attacks, reports by the communist regime to make false charges against Falun Gong practitioners congested the Internet in mainland China. The regime perpetrated this rumor mongering on a large scale, intensifying the persecution of Falun Gong. [12]

The communist regime employed techniques such as taking footage segments out of context; grafting, cutting, and editing footage fragments to turn them into a fabricated video to falsely accuse Falun Gong. This video was posted on all the major websites in mainland China. The regime’s mouthpiece Xinhua Net showed the video, but shortly afterwards deleted it. According to feedback from objective observers, this video was taken down from the website because it appeared too phony, and the Party was afraid that its fakeness would be exposed, just as occurred with the video “False Fire” that documents a faked self-immolation in Tiananmen Square.” [13]

VIII. Open involvement of two pro-communist New York politicians of Chinese descent added new twists to Flushing attacks, and demonstrated the deeper background of the attacks

On June 30, the Brooklyn prosecutor was preparing to try 60-year-old Victor Yau, who used a steel lock to attack Falun Gong practitioner John Yu.  However, on the same day from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., two pro-communist US officials, (namely New York City councilor John Liu and State Assembly member Ellen Young), received the principal assailants’ “complaints” in Liu’s Flushing office.

The communist accomplices Victor Yau and Zhijie Sui, an assailant that was arrested for attacking the police, came to Liu for assistance, after the public release of photos showing their violent physical and verbal attacks in public and the corresponding arrests by the police. Liu also accepted these individuals’ requests for assistance.  However, prior to this, some Falun Gong practitioners requested to have meetings with these two officials to seek their assistance. Their requests for a meeting with John Liu were rejected at least seven times. For example, Falun Gong practitioner July Chan brought with her photos that showed her wounds that were inflicted by the communist’s mob attacks in Flushing. She tried to inform Liu about her experiences of being attacked, but she was rejected by him. [14]

On June 28 and 29, China Press USA and Ming Pao published the news of some communist accomplices “complaints” to New York State Assembly Member Ellen Young and New York City Councilor John Liu. On June 27, Ellen Young received these accomplices in person and indicated that together with John Liu, she would limit granting permits to hold rallies in the commercial district of Flushing, New York. On June 28, when receiving these accomplices, John Liu again met with the attackers, expressing that he would help them obtain “the rights of freedom and safety for the residents to go outdoor.”

IX. Flushing incident shows the communist regime’s ability to manipulate overseas Chinese and to organize and mobilize a strategy of “United Front” in a global scale

The Flushing attacks were able to take place due to the underground support system that is being managed by the long-term painstaking overseas efforts of the communist regime. The regime controls and manipulates many overseas Chinese immigrants. Through long-term systematic reinforcement of communist ideology, deceitful propaganda, and financial bribery, the Communist regime reforms these people’s minds and thinking. The communist regime plays upon overseas Chinese people’s nostalgia towards their homeland, makes people confuse China with Communist Party, tries to make the overseas Chinese acknowledge the Party and pledge their allegiance to the Party. The regime then uses Chinese people who are overseas to expand its own survival space in the international society.

The communist style “Overseas Chinese Affairs” is a political alliance organized overseas to carry out the “work on the overseas Chinese citizens, foreign citizens of Chinese descent and their communities.” It resembles the “Third International” that was used by the USSR to set up branches in different countries and to look for agents in these countries. The organization of “Overseas Chinese Affairs” directly establishes and nourishes the Communist Party powers within other countries’ social systems. Through ideological infiltration and invasion, these powers influence the directions of their residential countries’ value orientation and the state policies in an imperceptible fashion. Right under the noses of the international society, they are obtaining control surpassing the national borders, without any vestige of discovery. They even persecute the organizations and individuals that are viewed by them as “enemies” within the jurisdictions of other states. In many countries around the world, there have been a huge amount of communist-controlled organizations and communities, thus massive Communist Party’s countries within other countries have been established. [15]

X. Flushing incident shows results of long-term brainwashing of overseas Chinese and international society by the Communist Regime

The Flushing attacks were able to take place because of the communist’s foundation to infiltrate ideologically and to carry out brainwashing by way of hatred and lies overseas. The Chinese regime’s overseas propaganda is the war without gunpowder by the only surviving communist dictatorship towards Western democracy, after the cold war ended. Its purpose is to obtain control of the Western world on the aspect of ideology, and to cooperate with the communist’s global strategy of united front. The strategic intention of the communist overseas propaganda and infiltration is very clear. The main targets selected by the Communist Party for its brainwashing are people from the middle and upper classes in every country’s main stream society, including politicians, industrialists, business people, the media, scholars and overseas Chinese people, “because they either control the country’s political power, operate the country’s economy, or influence the thinking and media of the country.”[16]


The Flushing attacks serve to expose the development of the communist regime within the seeming freedom of American society and even throughout the entire world, as well as the existence of a covert communist camp, whose threat towards the world's safety is intensifying on a daily basis. It has made people realize that the Chinese people, who have participated in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners may become threat to the world’s safety. Since they can follow the communist regime and violently attack their fellow Chinese, they will even more likely attack the citizens of foreign countries relentlessly when they will be ordered.

The war to safeguard freedom has started on the American soil. If immediate actions are not taken, the freedom that we cherish will soon be encroached upon and may even cease to exist. If we remain silent in light of the Communist Party’s atrocities, the world peace will be endangered.

Attachment: Video of the Flushing Incident


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