To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

WOIPFG releases phone records regarding involvement of Zhou Yongkang and key Chinese Communist Party officials in organ harvesting

May 1, 2012
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The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong initiated a special effort in investigating officials of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee (PLAC) of the Chinese Communist Party who have participated in live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. Our investigators posed as different identities to question Li Changchun (member of PLAC), Luo Gan (former secretary of PLAC), Wei Jianrong (former deputy director for the PLAC office) and Tang Junjie (deputy secretary of PLAC in Liaoning Province). We also have recording of a phone conversation that revealed hidden facts behind the handling of the aftermaths of the Sichuan earthquake related to Zhou Yongkang that we wish to publicize along with the investigation.

These phone conversations reveal that live organ harvesting from jailed Falun Gong practitioners is committed under the direction of PLAC’s current secretary Zhou Yongkang and its former secretary Luo Gan. Li Changchun is also involved.

The following record is part of our investigation targeted at Zhou Yongkang and a few others. We will reveal more as the investigation progresses so that people in China and around the world will have a good grasp of Zhou’s involvement in this inhuman crime.

Recording 1 (September 26, 2008)

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Phone conversation between WOIPFG investigator, as “an official of the Ministry of State Security,” and Wei Jianrong, manager of PLAC Office of Development and Direction and former deputy manager of PLAC office.

Investigator: Can I speak to the Director of the PLAC Wei Jianrong?
Wei Jianrong: Where are you from?
Investigator: It was me again, from the Ministry of State Security. As I said earlier, I mainly hope to know about…
Wei Jianrong: This happened a while back. I’ll tell you my judgment.
Investigator: ah…
Wei Jianrong: This thing, about what you just said, this happened a long time ago. Those people who came recently would not know about it. Secondly, this person is surely not from my unit, that's for sure. Our units certainly do not have such a person, and that is a basic concept. To narrow the scope, how to operate it, then you may have to go to the unit to check the original record, now there is no one who can talk about it clearly.
Investigator: That is to say the event of the organ harvesting from the jailed Falun Gong practitioners has happened since long ago?
Wei Jianrong: Right, right, right, very long ago.

Recording 2 (April 16, 2012)

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Phone conversation between WOIPFG investigator, as “Secretary Zhang from the Office of Luo Gan, former head of PLAC,” and Li Changchun, propaganda chief of the CCP.

Investigator: Hi, is this comrade Li Changchun?
Li Changchun: Yes, it’s me.
Investigator: This is Secretary Zhang from Luo Gan’s office. Comrade Luo went to sleep already and he asked me to tell you a few things.
Li Changchun: Oh, ok.
Investigator: They were asking that, well, we got information that, while you and Jia Qinglin are away (from Beijing), we should use Bo Xilai’s involvement in murdering and removing organs from Falun Gong practitioners to convict Bo, right at this time.
Li Changchun: You should contact Zhou Yongkang.
Investigator: Yes, while at that time…
Li Changchun: Zhou Yongkang is in charge of this specifically. He knows it. Ok. I’ll have my secretary talk to you directly.

Recording 3 (April 13, 2012)

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Phone conversation between WOIPFG investigator, as “a member of the Bo Xilai special investigation team within the Committee for Disciplinary Inspection of the CCP,” and Tang Junjie, secretary and deputy secretary of PLAC regional branch in Liaoning Province and director of the Comprehensive Management Office from 2000 to 2011.

Investigator: Hi, is this Tang Junjie, former deputy secretary of Liaoning PLAC?
Tang Junjie: Who are you?
Investigator: Oh, I’m from the Bo Xilai special investigation team of the Committee for Disciplinary Inspection. I wanted to ask you a few things regarding Bo Xilai’s days in Liaoning.
Tang Junjie: When do you want me to come over?
Investigator: Yes.
Tang Junjie: When do you want me to come over?
Investigator: Let’s talk on the phone first to clear up some things. If necessary I’ll send you an invitation to come over.
Tang Junjie: Ok, sure.
Investigator: Well we have a few questions for you.
Tang Junjie: Go ahead.
Investigator: The first question is what kind of directions or commands did Bo give regarding removing organs from Falun Gong practitioners?
Tang Junjie: I was asked to take care of this task. Party central is actually taking care of this. The impact was quite big after the union. He was involved quite positively, yeah it seemed quite positive. At that time we mainly talked about it during the meetings within the Standing Committee. We talked about positive things. Where are you located? The fact that you are asking me about this is a bit....where are you from?
Investigator: I’m in Beijing and I’m part of the special investigation team for this case.
Tang Junjie: Ah ok. So I won’t respond to your questions now. After I receive exact information I will answer you, ok? I will give you response after I see an invitation with official letterhead from you. It’s a bit difficult for me to answer right now, especially because it involves things like this. I cannot answer more. Ok! If you need me to come over, get me an official invitation. The fact that you are talking about this over the phone seems to be out of the blue for me. I cannot respond.

Recording 4 (September 25, 2008)

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Phone conversation between WOIPFG investigator, as “an official from the Ministry of National Security” and Mr. Li, a participant of a PLAC meeting held at Jiangnanchun Hotel, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province between from Sept. 16 to 26, 2008. PLAC officials from all over the country attended the meeting. Mr. Li was from Beijing.

Investigator: Is this Jiangnanchun Hotel?
Operator: Ah, yes.
Investigator: Please put me through to comrade Li from Beijing’s PLAC, his extension is 1219.
Operator: You are calling from inside the hotel, yes?
Investigator: No, from outside.
Operator: Ok.

Li: Hello.
Investigator: Hi, is this comrade Li from the central PLAC?
Li: Hi.
Investigator: Are you?
Li: Where are you from?
Investigator: Your family name is Li?
Li: That’s right.
Investigator: I’m calling from the Ministry of National Security. We need your assistance regarding a case.
Li: From the Ministry of National Security?
Investigator: Yes.
Li: What do you want?
Investigator: We are working on a case involving leaking of state secrets.
Li: What was leaked?
Investigator: Well, we want to know which level of officials from PLAC is familiar with a certain state secret.
Li: What is this about?
Investigator: This is regarding the state secret of removing organs from Falun Gong practitioners to fulfill needs for organ transplant operations. Which level of officials from PLAC is familiar with this?
Li: Should be above bureau-director level.
Investigator: We obtained that information through wiretap that some bureau-director level officials from the PLAC wants to leak this secret to foreign intelligence agencies, so our directors asked for a secret investigation.
Li: I understand.
Investigator: We want to limit it at a small scale. We don’t want to bother a lot of people.
Li: Ah ok. You can do this. You make another phone call and ask for director Liu. He is the one who is organizing a class. Yes, go ask him.
Invesitgator: He is?
Li: I don’t know his phone number.
Investigator: Ah..
Li: OK?
Investigator: Ah, what’s his name?
Li: You can ask the operator. It’s Director Liu.
Investiagator: Director Liu?
Li: He has been overseeing this class and has been organizing events regarding this in the hotel.
Investigator: Ah.
Li: A director, whose family name is Wei (see note 2), from the PLAC’s office for Development and Direction has been here these days.
Investigator: Ah ok.
Li: And Director Liu has been overseeing it on the spot for him. His name is Liu....I’m not sure. You can continue your investigation. Good luck.

Recording 5 (October 28, 2006)

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Phone conversation between WOIPFG investigator, as “an official from the 7th Bureau of Ministry of National Defense” and Luo Gan’s secretary, Mr. Yu. In this conversation, Yu did not deny that organ harvesting exists, and said that it was not appropriate to talk about it on the public phone line.

Yu: Hi.
Investigator: Hi, is this secretary Yu from Luo Gan’s office?
Yu: Where are you from?
Investigator: Oh. I’m from the 7th bureau of the Ministry of National Defense. We have an urgent matter that needs your cooperation. We are investigating some state secret leakage. We got report that certain officials from PLAC negotiated with overseas intelligence agencies to sell our state secret. Who from the PLAC had direct knowledge of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners? Which departments and officials?
Yu: You are using a normal landline, you....
Investigator: I know, because we are doing onsite investigation now so we have to limit the scale. We must know who had direct knowledge of it?
Yu: So, you called me here.
Investigator: Ah.
Yu: We are not in Beijing.
Investigator: Oh.
Yu: First of all we are not in Beijing. Second, you called me here but I cannot give you clear information. What do you need from me? Do you have anything specific?
Investigator: Ah, it was what I mentioned.
Yu: Can you call from the bureau using the red line? To get knowledge of something like this, do you have official documents and such?
Investigator: Yes, but we will have to wait until tomorrow. It’s very urgent, so if we wait..
Yu: So use the red line!
Investigator: Ah?
Yu: I have connection to red line here. You can use the bureau’s connection to red line to call me.
Investigator: I know but we are not in the bureau. We are doing onsite investigation. It will take time for us to get to a red line. But we must know who had contact with the information about organ removal from Falun Gong members. So which level of officials within your PLAC had knowledge of this secret?
Yu: What’s your name?
Investigator: My family name is Qiu.
Yu: Qiu? Tell me your number?
Investigator: 010-...
Yu: 010-...ok ok.

Recording 6 (May 29, 2008):

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Phone conversation between WOIPFG investigator, as “Li Chuncheng, Sichuan Party chief,” and Zhou Yongkang, member of Standing Committee of the Politburo and head of PLAC.

It is said that a large number of Falun Gong practitioners who have been selected as organ donors are jailed in military compounds in Sichuan and Chongqing. Li Chuncheng, Sichuan’s Party chief, oversaw the handling of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The following conversation was between the WOIPFG investigator, claiming to be Li and Zhou Yongkang. Zhou did not deny the Falun Gong practitioners were detained in the compounds but stressed that the matter can only be discussed through the red line, government’s confidential phone line.

Investigators: Hi, is it Zhou Yongkang?
Zhou Yongkang: yes.
Investigators: I am Li Chuncheng .
Zhou Yongkang: ah?
Investigator: I am Li Chuncheng, Party chief of Sichuan province.
Zhou Yongkang: From Chengdu?
Investigator: Right.
Zhou Yongkang: Is it Chuncheng?
Investigator: Right.
Zhou Yongkang: I can’t recognize your dialect. You’re tired?
Investigator: Tired, yes. I have one thing to report to you.
Zhou Yongkang: Oh.
Investigator: Just after the aftershocks from the earthquake, and then something happened.
Zhou Yongkang: Oh.
Investigators: It is that in our region, some places where a large number of Falun Gong practitioners were held were damaged. And some of them escaped. What should we do?
Zhou Yongkang: Oh?
Investigator: What do you think we should do now?
Zhou Yongkang: How many people? From the labour camp or the re-education camp?
Investigator: No. It is those who are imprisoned in our military compounds.
Zhou Yongkang: How many people?
Investigator: About 20.
Zhou Yongkang: Those areas controlled by the judicial system? The judicial bureau?
Investigator: No, it was supposed to be... I have to find out who was directly involved. That’s what has been reported to me.
Zhou Yongkang: Are you the party chief from Chengdu, Sichuan?
Investigator: What do you think we should do?
Zhou Yongkang: Use the red line to call me again. I...I’m not too sure who are you. I will ask them.
Investigator: But...
Zhou Yongkang: I will ask related departments for further information.
Investigator: Well we are in a hurry so we need to take actions soon.
Zhou Yongkang: can’t tell who you are. I need to find out more ok?

Other information

WOIPFG also released evidence on China’s law and justice system‘s participation of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. WOIPFG has a large amount of recordings of military, public security and court individuals who directly participated in one way or another. Some of them include details of departments that are assigned to manage organ harvesting and help connect military hospitals to patients as well as the police who executed Falun Gong practitioners. The evidences listed below provide the public with a more detailed picture of the brutality of the persecution operated by PLAC and Zhou Yongkang, etc.

Jinzhou City No. 2 Detention Center;
Jinzhou City Intermediate People's Court;
Report on organ harvesting;
From the eye witnesses of organ removal and execution;


Since it was exposed to the public in 2006, the organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners has been one of WOIPFG’s high priority investigations. With the ongoing investigation, a series of reports have been published. This latest report further proves that organ harvesting, the unprecedented crime on earth, has been carrying out under the direction of Zhou Yongkang, current head of PLAC, and Luo Gan, former head of PLAC.

The current situation is changing rapidly, the cases with Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai have already implicated the main culprit of the persecution, Zhou Yongkang. The Jiang Zemin faction is breaking apart. The crimes will be exposed completely and the criminals will be punished. WOIPFG asks everyone involved in or have knowledge of the persecution to obtain evidence and provide them to WOIPFG.


(1) Wei Jianrong resume

- 5/1998 – 3/2002: head of PLAC Monitor and Inspection Department
- 3/2002 – 5/2003: head of PLAC Secretary Monitoring Department and deputy inspector of PLAC office
- 5/2003 – 7/2005: deputy director of PLAC office
- 7/2005 – 8/2008: inspector and deputy director of PLAC office
- 8/2008 – 11/2010: manager of PLAC Office of Development and Direction, and deputy director of the training center for Comprehensive Management Office. (Time of phone conversation with WOIPFG investigator)
- 11/2010 – present: party chief of Gannan county, Gansu Province


(2) The director Wei mentioned in recording 4 is Wei Jianrong.


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