To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

The latest evidence - reported telephone recordings: Crazy organ harvesting situation in mainland China

December 24, 2015

In 2015, the WOIPFG received telephone recordings reported by 2 Falun Gong practitioners: recorded the status quo of doctors in mainland China kill lives for their organs. The doctor not only claimed the amount of organs harvested “innumerable”, “countless”, also threatened to kill the Falun Gong practitioner who called him.

On 9:55 (86-503165709), December 21, 2015, when answering Falun Gong practitioners’ phone call, the doctor on duty (male, Lunming Li?) at the Department of Cardiac Transplantation, Central Hospital of Jiangmen, Guangdong Province claimed: “Yes (kill Falun Gong practitioners for their organs), so what? They are from Falun Gong (practitioners), so what!” “We have done so many, maybe you haven’t thoroughly investigated, too many.” (Recording Download:MP3

On 22-54-46 (86-7503165709, phone call lasted 19:08 seconds), December 21, 2015, when Falun Gong practitioners asked the doctor on duty at the Department of Cardiac Transplantation, Central Hospital of Jiangmen, Guangdong Province: “how many organs have you dug out from living Falun Gong practitioners?” He replied: “countless.” When asked again: “Do you dare to confirm it is ‘countless’?” He repeated again: “countless.” This doctor directly threatened the Falun Gong practitioner who called him: “you dare to come here, I will kill you, I kill you, I will see you go to heaven or hell”.(Recording Download:MP3 )

According to the WOIPFG’s investigation,Jiangmen Central Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University began kidney transplants in 1999, liver transplants in July 2002, and the first case of heart transplantation in December 2005. The timeline this hospital began to transplant organs is synchronized with the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong. More detail:

The following are part of the scripts from the telephone recordings:
Part of Recording 1:

Falun Gong Practitioner (hereinafter referred to FLG): is this the Department of Cardiac Transplantation, Jiangmen Central Hospital?
Doctor: who are you? What is the matter?
FLG: Yes, I am looking for Dr. Li, Lunming Li. He is on the 1st list of Individuals Suspected Harvesting Organs from Living Falun Gong Practitioners released by the WOIPFG, in which listed what year and month how many cases he operated. The WOIPFG is an international organization, dedicated to provide legal evidence to the international court. If you didn’t participate. Harvesting human organs is a felony, charged even more than what Hitler got.
Doctor: no problem, whatever charge is, don’t tell me these.
FLG: will be punished by law.
Doctor: that is no problem.
FLG: there are justice sanctions too.
Doctor: we have done (harvested organs) a lot, you probably haven’t thoroughly investigated the amount, way too many.
FLG: what have you done to your future?
Doctor: what is the purpose you call?
FLG: to tell you not get involved in this (harvesting organs).
Doctor: what happens if I’ve already involved?
FLG: It is not too late now, quickly rein in, hope you do not participate, this is a felony.  God knows what you did. It is detrimental to your family.
Doctor: harvest human organs. You think you are Falun Gong?
FLG: you are harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners, harvesting human organs has been exposed in the international community long ago.
Doctor: does that have anything to do with me?
FLG: it is closely related with you.
Doctor: done too many.
FLG: have you done it today?
Doctor: do it every day.
FLG: Are they Falun Gong practitioners?
Doctor: s* Falun Gong. Do you know what is Falun Gong, do you know or not? Do you dare to come here, tell me face to face, do you dare? I ask you dare or not? If you don’t dare, you stop talking s* with me.
FLG: I know you have made a lot of dirty money, but you have to pay a price for this money. If you have a conscience, you still have time to rein in. Don’t wait until too late to regret. Falun Gong spreads in 114 countries and regions, people practice it regardless of age, race and color, it is a Buddha Fa practice, its door is widely open, Tiananmen self-immolation is a hoax, you can never be deceived by the lies ......
Doctor: I just ask you whether you dare to come here or not?
FLG: You are persecuting good people, how much this sin is. It is still considered a crime when you commit it in ignorance, isn’t it?
Doctor: don’t talk to me so much, do you dare to come?
FLG: I am in Singapore.
Doctor: I reimburse for your trip, (swear), do not talk if don’t have the guts, what is fuck use talking so much.
FLG: talking on phone is same as face to face.
Doctor: what is your purpose? What is the meaning you call me? Want money, right?
FLG: when did I ask for your money?
Doctor: I am your Lord ancestors.
FLG: Do not do wicked things, the ancients said the gentleman loves money, but gains it in a proper way.
Doctor: don’t fuck tell me principles, I don’t understand. Just ask you questions, what is the purpose of your phone call? do you dare to come here?
FLG: the purpose to call you is to tell you, don’t participate (in organ harvesting) from now on if you’ve already involved.
Doctor: how about already participate? I tell you I participate, so what?
FLG: Involving (in this) will bring you and your family very bad consequences, this is what I mean. You will quickly rein in if you understand.
Doctor: Do you think I will follow what you say? Don’t you want to do good and accumulate virtues? You come here and promote it.
FLG: doing good and accumulating virtues is to tell you the truth, after you understand the truth, you will make a wise choice for a better future.

Part of recording 2:

 (The man’s name who answered phone is uncertain, when asked whether he is Lunming Li , he didn’t deny it. Considering about calling time, he may be the doctor on duty, Lunming Li, Director of the department, might be off work at that time. Therefore, whether the man answered the phone is Lunming Li or the doctor on duty is uncertain, hereinafter referred to doctor)

Doctor: hello.
FLG: Hello. Is this Dr. LunMing Li at the Department of Cardiac Transplantation, Jiangmen Central Hospital?
Doctor: who are you?
FLG: I call from abroad.
Doctor: what is the matter?
FLG: I want to tell you, Xinmin Zhou from your hospital participates in harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, his name is on the WOIPFG list, do you know that?
Doctor: just now swear away one, here comes another!
FLG: How many Falun Gong practitioners have you killed! How can you not think about your crime, which is not tolerated by heavenly principles?
Doctor: let me ask you…
FLG: A case involving human life is to be treated with the utmost care! There are gods above everyone's head, do you know ......
Doctor: you dare to come here, I will kill you, I will kill you, I will see whether you go to heaven or hell.
FLG: do you dare to tell me, how many cases of Falun Gong practitioners’ organ surgeries you have done? How many organs have you harvested from Falun Gong practitioners? 
Doctor: countless.
FLG: do you dare to confirm it is countless?
Doctor: countless, to be honest, countless!
FLG: I am recording,
Doctor: countless, do you know how to write these four characters?
FLG: We will put this recording on internet, let the whole world listen to what you said, these vicious words.
Doctor: no problem, you do that, tell me the website, it is even better.

Since 1999, Jiang Zemin, Zhou Yongkang and other high-ranking CCP officials have launched a nationwide genocide against Falun Gong practitioners. Under protection from the Politics and Law Committee, the extralegal 610 Office, the judiciary system, the armed police, the military and local medical institutions colluded and systematically committed crimes against humanity.

Hereby, the WOIPFG calls on all people to assist us in monitoring and tracking criminals responsible for live harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners’ organs, such as court policemen, surgeons, and organ brokers, as well as the directly-responsible officials from all levels of the government; and collecting information about them and reporting to the WOIPFG when they leave China and their relatives and assets hidden abroad.

On your reports, please clearly identify the suspect’s name, gender, occupation, main features (photos preferred), visiting country, city, reason for visit, whether he or she has illegally obtained assets abroad or business activities. Please report directly to the WOIPFG’s reporting mail box or send to us via other reliable channels.

Our principle is whoever committed the crime will be held responsible for the crime. If it’s a group crime, individuals involved in the group will be individually prosecuted; instigation of crime is the same as direct involvement. Based on this principle, all crimes ordered by the government will be tracked down to individuals, who will be held responsible for the crimes. All who participated in the persecution of Falun Gong will be subject to thorough investigation and prosecuted to the fullest extent of law.

The WOIPFG hereby warns those who have participated in the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners: this persecution is genocide and a crime against humanity—the same type of crime that was committed by the Nazi war criminals. “Carrying out orders” cannot be used as an excuse for exemption from punishment; all participants are responsible. Confessing one’s crimes, forsaking darkness for a bright future, reporting on others’ crimes and striving to perform merits to redeem oneself are the only way out.

The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) was founded on January 20, 2003. Its purpose is to assist and facilitate the international community and criminal justice agencies, to investigate the criminal conduct of any institutions, organizations and individuals that have been involved in the crime of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, and will take them to court for justice.

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