To investigate the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society.

The Chinese Communist Party Severs Limb Tendons of Falun Gong Practitioners before Harvesting Their Organs Alive

Special Edition-1
November 23, 2022

On July 25, 2022, Japanese economic commentator Ushio Sugawara reported to WOIPFG that before harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, the Armed Police General Hospital in Beijing would sever their limb tendons, in order to keep their organs in a relaxed state and ensure the quality of their organs.

He also revealed that a doctor from the Armed Police General Hospital told him, “Since the population of China is large, we can supply any number of donors suitable for organ transplantation.” In other words, they have as many living people as they want, for the purpose of organ harvesting. To them, there are ample Chinese people ready to be slaughtered by them at will. This is another piece of evidence that there exist Nazi-style concentration camps operated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to supply organs from living human beings.

Let’s now watch a video clip of the live recording of Mr. Sugawara’s online whistleblowing.

I.    Mr. Sugawara’s Narration

In 2008, oh, in 2007, a friend of mine was suffering from liver cancer, in its late stage. He was told by the hospital that his life could end at any time. Since it was impossible to cure him in Japan, the only hope was a liver transplant. Due to the strict laws in Japan, it was unlikely for him to receive a transplant in Japan, so he had to consider going abroad for transplantation. At that time, he was choosing between the United States, France and China, and the cheapest and fastest option was going to China.

At that time, there was a partnership between hospitals in Japan and Beijing, China, where rich Chinese people traveled to Japanese hospitals for medical examination and/or treatment through an intermediary. Relying on this type of partnership, my friend’s elder brother was referred to the Armed Police General Hospital in Beijing, and they then started searching for a suitable organ for him.

After a specific schedule was determined, the patient flew to Beijing and received various physical examinations. Originally, I had nothing to do with his operation. When I visited the patient, they happened to have encountered some issue. The operation was about to take place, but there was some problem with the “plasma albumin” needed by the operation. This was a type of medicine used in case of a massive hemorrhage. Fake medicines are very rampant in China. The operation could not proceed due to the fake medicine (they acquired). I happened to be present, so I was asked if I could deliver the medicine from Japan to China.

Since Japan also had a strict control over plasma albumin at that time, it was not possible to purchase a large quantity of it in a short period of time. At that time, they said that 45 boxes were needed, but I managed to purchase only 30 boxes. As soon as I got the drugs, I flew from Kansai International Airport and arrived in Beijing via Dalian.

With the help from the Chinese government, I safely entered Dalian, and then boarded a flight specified by the other party to Beijing. When I was waiting for my checked luggage at the airport in Beijing, a policeman approached me and said that there was some problem with the medicine I brought with me.

I was already inside China, and a vehicle dispatched by the Chinese government was waiting for me. There was a problem with the medicine that I had brought with me, so this caused some delay. Eventually, a senior government official resolved the problem for me. So I delivered the drug to the Armed Police General Hospital in Beijing.

I was very surprised that from the airport to the hospital, we travelled through a special channel for government officials. There was even a vehicle in front of us to lead the way. I thought that things were indeed out of the ordinary in China. Thus, we arrived in the Armed Police General Hospital.

After I delivered the drug to the hospital, I went to visit the patient. I also met the intermediary of this operation, a doctor who spoke fluent Japanese. He asked me, “Are you interested in seeing the organ provider? He is in the room next to the patient’s room.”

It was a single room, locked, with curtains surrounding the “donor” inside it. I saw a young man in his 20s, very young. He had been injected with anesthesia, and he was asleep. His arms and legs were wrapped in bandage. They said that prior to the operation, they had severed the tendons in his limbs. One reason was to prevent him from escaping, and the other reason was to prevent him from becoming overly anxious, which would not benefit the liver. They then used drugs to put him in a coma.

At the beginning, I was told that he was a death-row inmate. The intermediary said that there were many people sentenced to death in China, because they had committed crimes. In this way, they could make some contribution to others before death. Nobody felt that this was inappropriate. I then inquired about what he did. The intermediary said that he was a member of a terrorist group called Falun Gong. I knew nothing about Falun Gong at that time, so I did not think much.

II. Questions and Answers

Dr. Wang: He said that it was terrorist crimes. You then asked him what kind of terrorist crimes, and he answered “Falun Gong”. Is that so?

Mr. Sugawara: Falun Gong, whose Japanese name is also Falun Gong. They said that the Falun Gong practitioners were a very large group. Of course the intermediary defamed them, saying that they tried to topple the government and so on. I knew nothing about it, so I simply said, “This is horrible!”

That is, he stated very clearly that Falun Gong practitioners were very wicked.

Mr. Sugawara: Yes, very dangerous, with very healthy organs.

It was to prevent him from escaping, and also to relax his tense body. Since he would be executed the next day, his body would shrink. To prevent this, they severed the tendons in all his limbs. The tube in his mouth was probably supplying nutrients and anesthetics. 

Dr. Wang: So the other party clearly explained that the bandage was due to severed tendons, in order to relax his muscles. He clearly said that his tendons had been severed, correct?

Mr. Sugawara: Yes, that’s correct. I handed over the medicine to the hospital and returned to my hotel in Beijing. I flew back to Japan on the next day.

Dr. Wang: I read in the Epoch Times report that Mr. Sugawara had also mentioned, that the transplantation doctor said the population in China is so large, so they could supply any number of organ donors. Is this what he said?

Mr. Sugawara: Yes. He said that they could find suitable organs. If the organs didn’t match, they could bring other donors. They could supply as many as needed. This is what they said. “Anyway, there are so many death-row inmates (in China). As for these bad people, just use them as much as possible.” These were his words.

Dr. Wang: So he clearly said that because of the large population in China, they could supply suitable donors at will. He did say that, right?

Mr. Sugawara: Yes, he said so. He said that in China, they could find as many organs as needed.

Dr. Wang: When you saw the donor in the hospital, he was introduced by the intermediary doctor, right?

Mr. Sugawara: Yes.

Dr. Wang: Did he say how many operations their hospital does in a year?

Mr. Sugawara: He didn’t mention that.

Dr. Wang: The intermediary doctor, this intermediary, what was his name?

Mr. Sugawara: The intermediary doctor’s last name was Li. I don’t know his first name.

Dr. Wang: Was this doctor male or female?

Mr. Sugawara: Male.

Dr. Wang: He studied in Japan previously, right?

Mr. Sugawara: Yes. He’s supposed to have studied plastic surgery. He used to work in the cosmetic medical field in Japan.

Dr. Wang: How did you get to know this person? How did you meet him?

Mr. Sugawara: It was (the family of) the patient who introduced him to me. I did not know him.

Dr. Wang: So you met him when you visited your friend at the hospital, right?

Mr. Sugawara: Yes.

Dr. Wang: So when you visited your hospitalized friend waiting for organ transplantation, this person (i.e. intermediary) was also in the room. He told you about the situation and let you see the donor, right?

Mr. Sugawara: Yes.

Dr. Wang: I would like to ask another question. When you were leaving the airport in Beijing, there was some trouble with the medication you had brought. The Chinese Communist Party officials resolved the issue for you. Who were these officials, and how many people were they?

Mr. Sugawara: It was an official of the Chinese Communist Party. The vehicle was from the armed police. It was a black vehicle used by CCP officials. The armed police vehicle was for the security of the CCP official responsible for helping me clear customs. He seemed to be a high-ranking official. I was in a different vehicle. I was riding in the hospital’s vehicle. In Beijing, senior government officials have their dedicated channels. Since we went through such a channel, I knew that he was a senior government official.

III. Some Last Questions for Confirmation
Dr. Wang: I would like to confirm one thing at the end. Mr. Sugawara, we are very thankful to you, for giving us such a testimony.

Since our organization, WOIPFG, specializes in collecting evidence to investigate the Chinese Communist Party’s crimes of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, we have to confirm with you that you are voluntarily giving us this piece of evidence and reporting to our organization the CCP’s crime of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, right?
Mr. Sugawara: Yes. I have already recorded this experience in writing.

Dr. Wang: Could you show us your article?

Mr. Sugawara: It is not an academic paper. It’s a special column article. I did write it.

Dr. Wang: Wonderful. Thank you very much!

I would like to ask another question. You can guarantee that what you told me was your own personal experience, and you saw it with your own eyes, right?

Mr. Sugawara: Yes.

Dr. Wang: Thank you very much! Thanks, Mr. Sugawara.

According to the massive amount of evidence obtained from WOIPFG’s systematic investigations over the past dozen years, it is confirmed that since 1999, the CCP criminal group headed by its former leader Jiang Zemin has been manipulating China’s entire state apparatus, including the party, the government, the military, the armed police, the judicial system and medical institutions, to systematically persecute Falun Gong practitioners, through the Political and Legal Affairs Commission and the “610 Office”. In particular, they’ve been carrying out a genocidal slaughter of Falun Gong practitioners across China by harvesting living Falun Gong practitioners’ organs for transplantation. This has been ongoing for over two decades, and it still continues to take place today. This is a devastating persecution against the moral baseline of humanity, and a crime against humanity committed by the CCP! It is an “unprecedented form of evil on this planet.”

The CCP has used the profit made from harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for transplantation as capital to create a massive and gory industry that is even more profitable than drug and arms trafficking. This industrial chain has spread to the entire society.

For those who do not yet know the truth, you should never think that the live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners has nothing to do with you. In fact, the CCP’s traps and thugs are all around you. And everyone in Mainland China is in danger!
WOIPFG calls upon everyone who has inside information to help collect the names and criminal evidence of the perpetrators. We hope that everyone will stand on the side of righteousness, at this critical juncture of history. Let’s bring the Chinese Communist Party to justice and end this evil Party.

WOIPFG will continue to investigate, as always, the criminal conduct of all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the persecution of Falun Gong; to bring such investigations, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far and deep we have to search, to full closure; to exercise the fundamental principles of humanity; and to restore and uphold justice in society. This is our promise to the Almighty, and we will never give up. 

World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong